What to look for in an Outdoor Exit Sign

During a catastrophic event that is causing terminable ruin to a building, forcing people to quickly evacuate, it is key for that building to have outdoor exit signs to propel a mob or mass of people swiftly and safely out of the building, before it collapses. The following information will describe what to look for in an outdoor exit sign to prevent an already chaotic scenario from worsening, or deteriorate to the point where lives are lost.

Reliability / Durability:

An outdoor exit sign must be reliable, meaning it must be lit and readable, no matter what the circumstance. It cannot fail, no matter what. Also, a building owner should not have to check on whether the sign is working every six months or year, he or she should be able to install it and let the outdoor exit sign work as it should for at least a decade, likely two.

Nonhazardous materials:

Older exit signs and egress markings were built with expensive and hazardous materials that proved a danger to those exposed to it, and to the environment. Fortunately, the modern outdoor exit signs are made with ecofriendly materials that are better, safer, and even less expensive than previous models—which segues into the next topic…


With so much overhead, business owners sometimes try to find ways to cut costs. Any product having to do with the safety of people is not a place to cut corners financially. Luckily, new egress markers, including outdoor exit signs are actually less expensive to purchase, and because they last much longer, do not have to be replaced as frequently.

Photoluminescent Technology:

Having outdoor exit signs equipped with photoluminescent technology assures that each and every exit sign is literally the best available egress exit sign on the market today. This technology provides everything mentioned above: longevity in the signage because it does not reliable on fragile components that can easily break to work; ecofriendly because it is not built with materials that can harm an individual or the environment; and cost efficiency, it is less expensive because it does not use fragile or quirky materials in its makeup.

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