Outdoor Exit Sign Made with Glow in the Dark Technology

If you are planning to install outdoor exit signs, probably the most important component to its success is how it fares at night. Your outdoor egress marker had better be visible, clear, and bright, with the ability to see it from a long distance away. To guarantee its absolute success, you will want to find outdoor exit signs made with glow in the dark technology. Fortunately, there is a science that has recently been developed called photoluminescence, which is a technology that enables egress signage to not only glow in the dark all night long, it also lasts much longer than the dated options, and is much more reliable.

Photoluminescence allows an outdoor emergency exit sign absorb energy, also known as photons and electromagnetic radiation, and then emits that stored energy when needed at night. By perfecting this technology, it made having photoluminescent egress markers mandatory if businesses, offices or any entity implementing outdoor exit signs are serious about having the best available technology to help people evacuate a location while under duress. Photoluminescent glow in the dark technology is so successful in its performance that regulatory committees from state-to-state are making its use mandatory by law.

Decision makers to make the call on what type of emergency materials and equipment are used for their location would be foolish not to, at the very least, inspect and research photoluminescent technology. GloBrite – an established company with a reputation of understanding and informing the public on the best practices for installing egress signage – would be a great resource to contact to learn more about this wonderful technology. GloBrite has been providing photoluminescent systems since the beginning, and understands exactly how the technology works, and would be happy to share this information with anyone looking for the best option for outdoor exit signs that need to be made with glow in the dark technology.

Reach out to GloBrite quickly, and change the way you protect people in the event that a catastrophe should lead to a real testing on how photoluminescence can save lives.

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