Why Are Floor Safety Adhesives Important?

logoSlips and falls account for a large portion of harmful injuries at home, work, and in commercial buildings. While not every incident results in high costs or long-term harm, it only takes one to wreak havoc on a family member or your business. Whether you maintain a residential facility, manage a factory, or simply need protection from slippery surfaces at home, floor safety adhesives are the most affordable, effective option for the job. What exactly are floor safety adhesives, you might ask? These products typically consist of four forms:

Each serves specific applications purposes with tapes having the most versatile applications. The products may be purchased in different grades to meet consumer, business, and industrial needs. Additionally, you may purchase them in a variety of colors such as black, red, blue, yellow, clear, and striped designs. This makes it easy to fulfill the safety needs of an area at a low cost without decreasing dependability. The versatility offered by these products makes them ideal for just about any location whether outside or inside.

Floor safety adhesives are designed to deliver a gripping surface to counteract issues such as a wet floor or slick shoes. They have a sticky backside that is used to hold them in place. The topside has a material much like sandpaper or carpet, depending on the product, which provides the additional traction needed to decrease the risk of a fall. When combined with proper maintenance and routine cleaning floor safety adhesives greatly reduce the chance of injury.

Floor Safety Adhesives Have Abundant Application Purposes
The applications are endless when you purchase a high quality tape or tread from a reliable manufacturer. Designed to resist chemicals and water on any surface, these products may be placed around equipment to prevent worker injuries, on stairs to prevent dangerous falls, and in common wet areas to boost safety. They are even an option for outside implementation such as facility loading docks or ramps. Certain products also have photoluminescent qualities to promote egress safety on stairs or in landing areas.

Floor safety adhesives offer a dependable way to fortify any area from slips or falls. This is because they are not limited to specific applications, which makes them a sensible option in these among other locations:

  • Building Entrances
  • Vehicle Foot Rails
  • Marina Docks
  • Work Areas
  • Around Machinery
  • Decks
  • On Boats
  • Stairs
  • Showers

Floor safety adhesives have a peel and stick surface meaning that application is as easy as applying a little pressure. If the surface is prepared appropriately and not damaged, these products will remain in tact for a prolonged period of time at a minimal cost. High quality tapes and treads meet all safety requirements and offer a simple solution for any area where a fall is possible. Within minutes, they can be installed to multiple flooring types without extensive work. If you require an easy way to boost safety or prevent falls, anti slip adhesives are the most sensible option. At Jessup MFG, we offer a variety of floor safety adhesive choices to ensure you get exactly what is needed for dependable traction. Contact us today to get started.

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