When and Where Are Low Location Exit Signs Needed ?

Low location exit signs can be a useful addition to any public building. In the US, low level exit signs are specifically required in newly constructed hotels. They are also an excellent safety measure in hospitals, apartment buildings, office buildings, and other types of buildings where crowds might accumulate.

Low profile exit signs help make buildings safer by, essentially, making it twice as easy to find your nearest exit. They provide extra guidance in emergency situations, and they can be used to provide emergency information in different ways from guiding people to the nearest exits, to showing the pathway down halls in smoky conditions.

Low exit signs can also be easier to locate than signs above doors in fire emergencies. Smoke rises and can quickly get too thick to see through. With low level signs, you can help make your exits more visible, because they will remain below the smoke line much longer.

Utilizing low level exit signs also allows you to backup your primary exit signs. Many buildings across the United States still utilize electric exit signs as their primary emergency signage. While you may not be ready to do away with your electric signs, there are a lot of great reasons why you should consider using zero-energy photoluminescent signs at a low level to backup your electric signage.

Electric exit signs are not foolproof. If the power goes out, electric signs rely on a backup battery pack which is supposed to be drained and tested once a year. These tests are frequently overlooked, which means that there’s a good chance that your electric signs will fail under blackout conditions.

Photoluminescent signs, on the other hand, simply require exposure to light in order to remain charged. They don’t require any energy to use or maintain, they are completely non-toxic, and installing photoluminescent signs is as simple as screwing them in place. There’s no need for complicated wiring or construction.

If your building needs low level exit signage to comply with fire or building codes, contact Jessup Manufacturing today to learn more about our zero-energy photoluminescent options or visit our online store.

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