What is Safety Marking Tape?

JessupTapeSafety tapes have become a common application in a number of locations including industrial facilities, stores, offices, and residential areas. The reason for their application is simple, to warn individuals of a potential or existing hazard within a location. A good example is using the striped black and yellow adhesive to mark a landing area or another location where it is easy to fall. Safety marking tapes come in a large variety of colors and may contain slip resistant or photoluminescent qualities to meet the unique needs of a location.

A Few Usage Examples
Unfortunately many business owners and facilities actually choose alternative options that are expensive with reduced effectiveness to prevent accidents. Marking tape is probably the most underutilized product available in the safety market as it is often overlooked as an implementation option. If you are seeking a reliable, low cost way to be compliant and increase safety, then these adhesives are a great choice and may be used to mark:

  • Equipment Borders
  • Parking Locations
  • Dangers or Hazards
  • Caution Areas
  • Steam Vents
  • Door Swings
  • Trash Bin Placement
  • Aisle Boundaries

Safety marking tape is applicable in any area where identification is needed whether in a warehouse or outside parking lot. These products are resistant to water and chemicals making them durable in almost any situation. Furthermore, safety marking tapes come in numerous colors for proper hazard identification. Red colored adhesive is a great choice when danger is present and yellow helps individuals identify caution locations.

Proper Installation is Essential
Obtaining the right color and grade for the job is important; however, installing the product correctly is just as imperative. When the right steps are taken to install these materials, they will increase safety and last longer. There are various implementation methods available to ensure this process is completed correctly; however, the following two options are common for applying safety marking tape on a surface:

  • Manually – The first step will be to clean the area and remove any particles. Next, draw a guidance line so the adhesive may be spread out along that line. After this step, start to tack down the tape with the guidance line residing at the center. The protective film on the backside can be removed at time of application to prevent it from sticking to the surface before ready.
  • Applicator – These tools are a good choice when the facility requires extensive application of safety marking tapes. A large roll is placed on the device and then rolled along the area for fairly quick application. For corners, either overlap two straight pieces, cut a slit to properly turn the marking materials during application, or simply apply pre-made corners.

Manual application is best for small areas where minimal safety marking tape is needed. Regardless of what application method is used, you will need high quality tape to ensure proper adhesion and easy installation. Additionally, taking the time to outline the area is always beneficial. At Jessup MFG, we have more than fifty years of experience developing high quality, dependable safety marking tapes. Contact us today to see how our low cost, durable solutions can benefit your facility.

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