Exit Signs that are Universally Understood

The world is getting smaller every day. Businesses that serve an international clientele need to be cognizant of the fact that not everyone who enters their doors is going to be an English speaker. Even local businesses should know that some of their customers may not speak English or be able to read English.

Businesses are always striving to make their services more accessible to every type of person, but they should ensure that their safety signage is universally accessible, as well.

One simple way to make your office building, retail store, or apartment complex safer is by installing universal exit signs. These signs use pictograms that show a person running out of the building to denote an emergency exit. Such signs are currently required in Canada. In the US, they could be used but are not.

If you are a building owner, take a minute to think about all of the people who regularly enter your building. How many of them don’t speak English? How many of them are small children who haven’t learned to read yet? How many are unable to read?

Universal Exit Signs – Make Your Building Safer

When you think of all the different types of people who might not be able to decipher a written exit sign, the true value of a pictogram exit sign becomes apparent. Pictogram global exit signs can make your building substantially safer, and at a very low cost.

Our pictogram signs glow in the dark without needing any sort of electrical current. As is the case with all of our photoluminescent safety signs, GloBrite® pictogram signs absorb ambient light from the light sources around them, causing them to glow brightly in blackout situations and in smoky conditions. GloBrite®exit signs don’t require any sort of wiring, making them easy to install.

The GloBrite® P50 Running Man sign is currently available in either an acrylic frame or an aluminum frame. Both signs are designed to complement the aesthetic of modern, elegant office and apartment buildings. Learn more about the possibilities and benefit of pictogram exit signs by contacting Jessup Manufacturing today.

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