Trends & Tips In Holiday Graphics Media Signage 2018

It’s already that time of year. Brands all around are preparing their marketing and messaging to be festive and align with the holiday season. From retailers, to restaurants, sporting complexes and even corporate parties- being able to spread holiday cheer and communicate your message is important. When creating your seasonal marketing campaigns and deciding where to allot advertising dollars, it is important to understand your target market, customers journey, and where you can get the biggest bang for your buck. Graphic decals, specifically floor and ground decals, have been on an upwards trend over the past few years with no sign of slowing down. New graphics media materials are also giving more options to those looking to advertise or promote products or events this holiday season and give a refresh to their old strategies. At Jessup Manufacturing, creating unique signage options is our business so we put together a list of top trends and tips to consider this holiday season in order to keep your viewer fully engaged with your graphics media choices.

  • Keep Omni-channel In Mind. Business have numerous ways of reaching potential customers- be sure to keep your brand aligned with all your touchpoints this holiday season. Integrating your graphics media signage into your other holiday advertising plans is proven to extend reach, amplify campaign respond, and drive consumers to further engage with brands both online and off. So consider your website, social media messaging, window displays, commercials, or magazine advertisements. Make sure your holiday graphics media choices carry the same messaging that your other touchpoints do. Don’t forget to include hashtags, social media handles, or other important information to connect your online and offline experiences.
  • Black Friday Graphics Media Super SaleConsider All Spaces. Are you creating an eye-catching floor piece? What about that large fountain in your building? Have you thought of utilizing the open wall behind your check-out counter or reception desk? Consider all spaces in your building, nothing should be off your radar when creating holiday signage. We are seeing more big, bold pieces requested which do a great job in creating conversation and keeping your brand or event top of mind. However, those smaller wall and floor adhesives are still fun and serve great purpose (wayfinding, tables, restrooms, and changing rooms all fall into this category). When considering your spaces here are a few tips:

    • Walk areas with your customer in mind

      Enlist the help of non-employees if possible to walk the area also. Consider where your eyes are drawn and also where you might find yourself standing in line or sitting for a while. These are prime spots for holiday graphics media.

    • Don’t forget to look down

      Flooring should never be overlooked. In fact, floor graphics media is quickly becoming a highly sought after way to advertise because it is unexpected, noticed, and generally utilized by many. Floor graphic decals can be used on almost any walkable surface. Think about stairs, ramps, or even areas outside. Floor graphics media are perfect for providing a non-slip environment, perfect with the winter slush that could be tracked in. With their anti-slip adhesives and engaging advertising ability in one, it’s a trend we love this holiday season!

    • Go big this holiday

      Full wall signage is a great way to create interest during the holiday season. Consider this option for outside advertising if you have the space: renting areas in transit stations to advertise instead of typical wall art inside. Graphic media can be printed in extremely large sizes and interesting materials (see below for more details on this). In just a few easy steps, you can lay out and apply multi-panel graphics for ads, signs, murals, building wraps and other larger than life holiday projects.

    • Make wayfinding festive: Using graphics media for wayfinding around a corporate party or simply updating your businesses wayfinding for the holidays has never been easier with short-term graphics media options. Updating your wayfinding to match your holiday theme is a great way to further engage your visitor and keep them remembering your event or brand.
    • Outdoor advertising: If you are using graphics media outside of your place or business this holiday season then consider these facts: billboards are still the most widely used form of advertising, but transit locations, street furniture, and place based advertising is steadily on the rise and taking its share. It is no surprise considering the large amount invested in public transit and improving city spaces over the past several years- trying to get more people out of their own single person cars and opting to ride city provided bikes, transit lines, or offering more green spaces throughout the city. They all provide prime areas to consider for outdoor holiday graphics media signage beyond the basic billboard advertising.
  • Material Matters. More often we are seeing brands want unique looks to their graphics media to keep viewers engaged and their brand top of mind. From matte, to waterproof, or even 3-dimensional effects- make sure the material you are choosing is the best fit for the space you are putting it on to get the biggest bang and best quality for your buck. Some of our most requested materials include:
    • 3D: The confluence of digital imaging, ink technology, and exciting new media allows printers to go where only routers dared go before. You can design and print three dimensional graphics media which adds greater interest to the area. For example, Jessup’s ClearWalk® consists of a translucent film which is dimensionally stable with a non-slip textured surface. Pressure sensitive adhesive on the reverse side can be applied on various surfaces indoors and can be easily removed. Consider all the ways you can create engaging holiday advertisements with this eye-catching effect!
    • Anti-Slip flooring: If you are considering graphics media for the floor, ensure the product you are using is anti-slip. Even in areas not prone to water, it is important to ensure guests safety.
    • Mesh: Offering a unique material like mesh can give greater interest to your window, ceiling displays, or wall displays. Our Softwalk® product even floats in the water and can be reused over again- perfect for any type of water feature that you wish to advertise on and with so many more potential uses!
    • Easy to remove: With holiday signage, before you can blink you’ll be taking it down. If you are doing a seasonal advertising campaign or hosting a corporate holiday party, consider an easy application material that can be applied and removed quickly. Many of Jessup’s product line offer great short-term graphics solutions, perfect for the holiday season.

Depending on your need this holiday season, one or more of these trends could be for your brand. The top three items to consider when deciding on your holiday graphics media are:

  • Your ideal customer or visitor
  • Location of the graphics media
  • Look and feel you want to portray

So many marketers and advertising agencies are steering their clients towards graphics media options for the holidays- and for good reason. Typical signage and banners can give an outdated feeling and potentially cost more to put up and tear down then they did to make; it generally doesn’t get the job done effectively. A few of the top reasons we hear from our clients that they choose to use graphics media for their holiday signage needs include:

  1. Cost effective: Using graphics media can mean more dollars and time to spend on other means of outreach. Things like large wall adhesives and even floor decals are all extremely cost effective. Graphics media is generally less expensive to create and very simple to install and remove, all meaning cost-savings back to you.
  2. Easy application and removal: Holidays come and go, and your graphics media will need to also. And quickly! Graphics media can be adhered to almost any type of indoor or outdoor surface and as mentioned, easy to install and remove to keep up the quick pace of the holiday season. So that means if you need to switch from Thanksgiving to Christmas then over to New Years that you won’t break the bank this holiday season. A bonus is that graphics media doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue that requires a remover, such as Goo-Gone either.
  3. Eye-catching and conversational: Graphics media can create amazing floor or wall murals and building wraps or eye catching pool graphics. Graphics media is able to come in so many materials and sizes it is sure to get photographed, shared on social media, and stopped to be looked at during the busy holiday season.
  4. Features galore: Graphics media is not what it used to be. Depending what you are looking to use the product on this holiday season, many options are available including: chemical resistant, abrasion resistant, and antibacterial. Depending on the specific product you choose it can also be NFSI Certified for high traction and ASTM D-2047 certified for slip resistance.

Tell us what unique ways you will be using graphics media this holiday season with #JessupHolidays.

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