Top 5 Ways to Promote Events with Graphics Media

Graphics media is one of the top ways to promote events and brands both indoor and outdoor. With advances in printer technologies, graphics media offers a creative, even artistic way to create an event or brand buzz. Besides that, those who choose graphics media appreciate the lower price point than other advertising mediums, ease of installation and removal, and the numerous features and options available- from being slip-resistant, water-resistant, the ability to float, 3D effects, and being able to be used on virtually any surface. Let your imagination go wild or follow popular trends in graphics media applications when it comes to promoting your brand or next event. We have compiled a list of six of the most creative ways we have seen our graphics media products used for promoting to help you grab inspiration for your next big project.

Create Works of Art at Sporting Events with Graphics Media

Our clients, in particular, those planning sporting events, love the use of graphics media to create eye-catching pieces that can withstand heavy foot traffic, wet weather conditions, and are applied and removed with ease.

Top 5 Ways to Promote Events with Graphics Media

United Airlines Guam Marathon finish line in Asphalt Art®.

The United Airlines Guam Marathon which included almost 4,000 runners, utilized our Asphalt Art product for this purpose, plus intertwined sponsorship marketing and even created an amazing finish line—all with graphics media and their creativity. Even with a steady downpour of rain, the Asphalt Art® stood up to not only the weather and foot traffic but provided a safe, slip-resistant product on the street of the marathon.

Another favorite way to use the non-slip graphics is by putting them directly on sporting field grounds or throughout the stadium floors. Graphics can be both informative (offering wayfinding or event information) and engaging as works of art. They also provide double-duty by providing a slip-resistant surface to ensure your guests won’t slip and fall and providing know the information you want them to know.

Amplify Your Sidewalk Space with Graphics Media

Have an outdoor area, specifically a sidewalk? Use every inch to create an oversized mural down the sidewalk. From making it purely promotional to an Instagram-worthy photo, sidewalks can provide an excellent way to grab thousands of people’s attention and promote your location or next event.

Five Ways to Promote Events with Graphics Media

Asphalt Art® installation at 85 Broad Street in New York City.

Our client recently gave the public a fun way to learn about the prominent location of 85 Broad Street in New York City, with a map inspired by British Army officer and cartographer Bernard Ratzer’s, “The Plan of the City of New York in North America.” Jessup’s Asphalt Art® material was used to liven up the building’s plaza all while giving the neighborhood connection to its surroundings with the conversational piece. The impressive piece made of Jessup’s proprietary material Asphalt Art covered over 32,000 square feet with each panel measuring 4’ x 13’! The sidewalk art does a great job of connecting various landmarks around the area for pedestrians—from the building to historic Stone Street, and even the nearby Financial District.

Do you have sidewalk space? How will you use it this spring and summer to engage with those passing by?

Creating Unexpected, Inexpensive Backdrops with Graphics Media

Ways to Promote Events with GraphicsCreate a unique, attention-grabbing scene with a reusable, non-adhesive backed soft expanded foam mesh that can be used both indoors and outdoors. We love how one client used our SoftWalk® material as a floating graphic in a pool because it was so unexpected. Our team could easily see this being used in a retail setting as a table mat or a floor graphic. Using Softwalk®, as a hanging banner is also an awesome way to utilize the product since it creates the backdrop and separation that people often seek, while still allowing light to pass through. We see lots of potential utilizing the holes as well, possibly weaving yarn or rope through to create an unexpected twist.

This distinctive material is generally used as a runner, full-scale carpet, or made to float on top of pools and fountains featuring branding and messaging since it is both indoor and outdoor appropriate, but we love the creativity used in putting it up as a floating graphic in a pond and the potential to reuse it in the future in other ways.

Create Massive (MILES LONG!) Photo Collages with Graphics Media

Graphics Media Photo CollageOne of the many things to love about graphics media is that it can be printed in large format. Really, really large format. Recently our client took large format to new heights by creating a massive photo collage that was placed over 1 ½ miles of outdoor pavement, using ninety rolls of Asphalt Art®. This large scale photo collage was used during German Unity Day, a three-day celebration in Berlin, Germany which commemorates the reunification of East and West Germany in 1990. The goal of the street photo collage was to show, that despite people having different views, a country can still come together as one. Over a million people admired it during the three-day event and designed by the French street artist known as JR.

Another great thing about these massive pieces of graphics media is that they are so easy to install and remove, so you don’t have to worry about if your event is only a day or two. A heat gun is not required to apply these pieces, and little to no residue is left behind to clean up. In the case of the piece mentioned above, it was installed on the grounds for only three days, specifically for the Unity Day celebration, and then promptly removed. The Asphalt Art® stood up to the elements and foot traffic during the event and then peeled off as easily as it was placed- all within three days!

Create a Unified Experience with Graphics Media

Ways to Promote with Graphics Media

Queues de Castor photo courtesy of

Expand your marketing outside or inside with the use of graphics media. Spring and summer is an excellent time to consider using non-slip graphics media outside of business grounds leading up to your door or throughout any outdoor space. It’s not only fun, engaging, and even informative but is an extremely cost-effective way to promote. You can rest assured it will stand up the elements throughout the summer months and if used on the ground it will provide a slip-resistant walking path.

Restaurants, in particular, should take advantage of this favorite way of promoting, especially if you have a patio or outdoor seating space. We love how our client Queues de Castor in Montreal brought their marketing outside with eye-catching colors to match their patio space and invite guests with a summer favorite- sparkling lemonade, through the use of Jessup’s Asphalt Art® material.

Guide Your Crowds & Promote In One with Graphics Media

Graphics Media Promotion

Breast Cancer Awareness walk graphic in TexWalk®.

Graphics media is an excellent and inexpensive way to create wayfinding to manage foot traffic and guide crowds during your next event. Recently, Jessup printed graphics for an annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk. Because the graphics were going on several different surfaces, we used our TexWalk® graphics media. Being able to be applied to many different substrates such as tile, wood, stone, doors, sidewalks, and carpet TexWalk graphics media offers an incredibly versatile way to promote and guide crowds throughout event spaces both indoors and outdoors. The largest graphic for the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk measured 8′ x 8′ and was placed on concrete at the school to designate where the walk started and ended. TexWalk® graphics media gives promoters the ability to be expressive while ensuring the safety of their guests at the same time through wayfinding.

How to Get Started With Your Graphics Media Promotional Project

When deciding what graphics media you will use for your project, work with a knowledgeable company to help you navigate the various materials available. From matte, three-dimensional, and waterproof media, you will want to make sure you are choosing the correct product for your space and budget. Some of our most popular options include:

  • 3D: Printing in three-dimensional graphics media can add greater interest to the area you are putting it in. Jessup’s Matador™ is a reverse print media used for creating durable printed counter-top mats and floor mats. Matador is a 40 mil material that is printed on the back side to protect the printed surface from wear and tear.
  • Non-Slip Graphics Media: This is incredibly popular for any floor graphics media. Even if the space isn’t prone to water, consider a non-slip graphics media due to the sheer amount of foot traffic the area might see.
  • Mesh: Becoming more prominent in large thanks to its ability to be reused, mesh offers the ability to create greater interest to any display. Our clients use mesh for their window and ceiling displays, wall displays, and water displays because it can float.

Where will your imagination take you with your next promotional project? Graphics media offers truly endless possibilities both inside and outside. Contact our team to discuss your idea today. If you are already using graphics media, let us know so that we can highlight your application on our social media pages.

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