Switching to Low Level Exit Signs for Code Compliance

Low-Level-Exit-SignsIf you’re in the process of constructing a new hotel, you should know that current building and fire codes require new hotels to install low location exit signs. Whether you’re a contractor or the building owner, you should take a moment to consider your exit sign options. Many builders make the mistake of automatically installing electric exit signs without considering other options. But the fact of the matter is, photoluminescent exit signs are a more energy-efficient, lower cost, higher safety option than their electric counterparts. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why.

Energy Efficiency

Depending upon the size of your hotel, you could be installing anywhere from a few dozen to a few hundred low profile exit signs. If you choose electric signs, each one will draw a little bit of power twenty-four hours a day. Those power costs add up. In fact, the cost of operating a hundred incandescent exit signs are year averages about $3,500.

If you were to choose photoluminescent exit signs instead, those signs would draw zero energy. This is because photoluminescent exit signs don’t require a power source. Instead, they get their charge from the ambient light that surrounds them. When fully charged, a GloBrite® photoluminescent exit sign will glow in excess of 90 minutes, well beyond the requirements of international building and fire codes.

Lower Costs

In addition to the energy savings, photoluminescent exit signs also bring with them savings on maintenance and installation. Photoluminescent signs don’t have any spare parts that need replacing, nor do they need to be wired into place when first installed. That means that if your egress paths change for any reason, you can easily move your photoluminescent exit signs to where they need to go.

In addition, GloBrite® signs are tested to last in excess of 25 years. That means that once you make the initial investment of purchasing your signs, they’ll be virtually no cost to you at all until you replace them more than two decades down the line.

Improved Safety

Because photoluminescent exit signs don’t rely on an outside power source, they can be depended upon to work in all types of emergency situations. Electric signs have backup battery packs that are supposed to be checked once a month and fully drained once a year. This safety measure is rarely followed, which means that those backup battery packs are likely to fail in the event of a blackout.

If you’re constructing a new hotel, contact Jessup Manufacturing, the makers of GloBrite®, today to discuss the many benefits of choosing photoluminescent signs for your low location exit signs.

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