Printers Turn to Jessup for Safety Signs

Jessup Safety SignsSafety sign printers have a lot of options when it comes to the films that they choose to print on. But more and more, Glo Brite® 7600 series safety grade film is becoming the medium of choice for digital printers. When printing safety signs for a wide variety of buildings, surfaces, and purposes, printers favor the superior ink adhesion and the thin gauge of the 7600 series.

The films in the 7600 series are all thin gauge, safety grade, flexible photoluminescent films. They are coated with a permanent acrylic adhesive and have a matte, HD-print-receptive surface layer. On this layer, printers can create images as detailed as they like with precision. The resultant images are bold, easy to read, and glow brightly in the dark.

The 7600 series films are designed to exceed safety standards for life safety, emergency exit safety, and a wide variety of other national and international safety standards.Designed for use in indoor spaces, the 7600 series can be used to create custom photoluminescent exit signs and custom safety signs. The resultant signs are ideal for use in buildings, ships and submarines, on trains, and in military applications.

One of the many benefits of photoluminescent safety signage is the ability to mount signs wherever you need. Photoluminescent signs can be secured in place in a matter of minutes and don’t require any outside power source. Instead, they charge when exposed to a light source.

Whether you need to mark an obscured stairwell, warn about hazardous chemicals, or direct people to a safety station, the 7600 series can create powerful, easy-to-read signs that are highly visible in both lighted and dark conditions. If your organization is in need of flexible, safety grade custom signage, or if you are a printer serving military, marine, or commercial clients, learn more about the benefits of Glo Brite® 7600 photoluminescent film series by contacting Jessup Manufacturing today.

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