PM100 Exit Signs Ideal for Outdoor and Wet Locations

Many businesses are in need of outdoor exit signs, but they can be very expensive. If you’re looking at electric options, you may have a hard time finding a sign that meets your needs, can withstand all kinds of weather, and won’t cost you a fortune. Fortunately, you have a great option for outdoor and wet location exit signs with the PM100 Glo Brite® exit sign.

All Glo Brite® exit signs are made with a photoluminescent film that allows the signs to glow brightly in the dark. The signs work by absorbing ambient light from the lightsfixtures around them. When fully charged, PM100 signs of will be visible and readable for a minimum of 90 minutes, plenty of time to safely evacuate a building.

The photoluminescent materials in the PM100 sign are completely non-toxic and nonradioactive. In fact, the signs are 100% recyclable. Not that you will need to recycle your PM100 signs anytime soon. Like all Glo Brite® exit signs, these signs have a life expectancy in excess of 25 years.

Wet Location Exit Signs

As an added benefit, Glo Brite® exit signs don’t draw any electricity. They are zero energy, which means that they won’t add anything to your electricity bill. Compare that to the annual draw of your electric exit signs, and think about just how much you can save over the 25+ year life of your Glo Brite® exit signs.

Whether you need safety signage in an outdoor garden center, a courtyard, a school playground, or an outdoor corridor, the PM100 is an excellent choice for eco-friendly safety that is cost effective. You’ll never have to worry about complicated maintenance, changing out bulbs or batteries, or addressing wiring problems. The PM100 can simply be mounted in place in a matter of minutes and function virtually maintenance free for decades. It is designed for surface, ceiling, flag, or conduit mounting and can be used for either high-level or low-level safety signage.

With visibility up to 100 feet, the PM100 meets even the most stringent safety requirements. It meets or exceeds safety standards set by the International Fire Code and the International Building Code. The PM100 is available in black, red, and green and in single- and double-sided models. This will be the last exit sign you will ever purchase.

Contact Jessup Manufacturing, the makers of Glo Brite® Eco-Exit signs, to learn more about all of our wet location exit signs.

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