3 Benefits of Pictogram Exit Signs

pictogram-exit-signsThere are several good reasons why all public buildings in Canada are now required to have pictogram exit signs. Here are three of the biggest reasons why you should consider installing GloBrite’s new P50 Running Man exit signs in your building:

  1. More safety for more people

Many countries, including the United States, still require text-based exit signs, but countries like Canada are switching over to pictogram safety signs because these signs are more universally understood.

In Canada, many people speak both English and French, but some people speak only French, and still others don’t speak either language. Therefore, in order to make buildings as safe as possible for everyone who walks through the doors, Canada has switched to pictogram signs that can be understood regardless of the language you speak. The signs are also safer for children who have not yet learned how to read but who can make sense of the simple graphics used in pictogram signs.

  1. The green option

Canadian buildings can install electric pictograms signs, but why would they? Photoluminescent exit signs are much better for the environment because they don’t require any additional electricity to operate. The GloBrite® P50 Running Man sign can literally be screwed in place in a matter of minutes.

With the choice of either an acrylic or aluminum frame and a number of mounting options, these signs can stay in place and look sharp in excess of 25 years, reducing waste. Plus, when the time finally does come to replace them, GloBrite® exit signs can be recycled because they don’t contain any radioactive or toxic materials.

  1. Lower installation and operation costs

Lowering your carbon footprint with GloBrite® pictogram safety signs will also lower your operational costs. Because they don’t draw any electricity, photoluminescent signs can save a building owner who uses 100 exit signs up to $3,500 in energy costs every year. And that doesn’t include the savings that go along with simple installation, no need for complex wiring, and no need for backup batteries or replacement bulbs. Maintaining photoluminescent exit signs is as simple as wiping them down from time to time, a task that can be easily handled by your existing cleaning staff.

If your building needs to install pictograms exit signs, consider the many benefits of the GloBrite® P50 photoluminescent sign. Contact Jessup Manufacturing to learn about the various international standards that these signs surpass or to find out which signs might be appropriate for your purposes.

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