Lighted Path or Photoluminescent Tape – Pros and Cons

Photoluminescent-TapeThere are a number of situations in which it is necessary to have an illuminated footpath, whether in a building, on a ship, on passenger vehicles, or outside. The two main options for lighting footpaths are electric light strips and photoluminescent tape. Both of these options have their advantages, but one may be more appropriate than the other in certain situations. Here’s a quick breakdown of the pros and cons of both of these options.

Electric Light Strips
On the pro side, electric footpath lights tend to be the most aesthetically pleasing option. They can help add to the decor of your environment. Electric light strips are a great choice in areas that constantly have low or no lighting, such as movie theaters. They do have some drawbacks, though.

For example, electric light strips will fail if the power ever goes out. It’s important to have some sort of backup to your electric light strips to help ensure safe egress during blackout conditions. Electric light strips also, obviously, require power to function, which will add to your electric bills. On any given day, the electricity draw of light strips will be relatively low, but added up over a year’s time, the expense of maintaining a lighted footpath will become substantial.

Photoluminescent Tape
One downside of photoluminescent tape is that it can’t be used in every situation. Areas without an appropriate level of light during business hours won’t be able to properly charge photoluminescent tape.

However, in any area that is regularly lit, photoluminescent tape can provide an extremely effective emergency egress measure. The photoluminescent tape offered by GloBrite® is tested to glow in excess of 90 minutes, making it compliant with the International Building Code and the International Fire Code.

Photoluminescent tape also has the advantage of not requiring any electricity. Tape is therefore much easier to install and costs nothing to maintain. Whereas electric strips must be placed in areas where they can be wired in, photoluminescent tape can be adhered virtually anywhere. Building owners can use photoluminescent tape not just to mark footpaths, but also to alert people to tripping hazards or direct them towards emergency equipment such as fire alarms, first-aid kits, and fire extinguishers.

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