Cut Company Costs with No-Energy Egress Systems

No-Energy-Egress-SystemsSmart companies are always looking for ways to cut costs without cutting quality. They look for ways to optimize their workflow, minimize their expenses, and make their offices as efficient as possible. But in this process, one costly office feature almost always gets overlooked: your exit signs.

Many companies rely on electric exit signs to provide an energy efficient means of egress. But did you know that an office building with 100 incandescent exit signs actually consumes about half a million pounds of CO2 over the life of the signs? That adds up to about $3,500 a year in energy costs.

The big mistake that most companies make is assuming that this cost can’t be avoided. In fact, you could completely do away with the annual energy cost of your exit signs and become a greener company by switching to a photoluminescent egress system.

Photoluminescent exit signs like those made by GloBrite® gather energy from the ambient light that surrounds them. In emergency situations when the lights go out or conditions become smoky, these signs begin to glow and will continue to glow in excess of 90 minutes. They are bright enough and strong enough to be allowed under the International Building Code as well as the International Fire Code. Plus, they are 100% reliable when properly installed, whereas electric exit signs have a tendency to fail due to improper maintenance.

If you are building a new office space, choosing photoluminescent exit signs will substantially reduce your building costs because they are much easier to install and don’t require any complicated wiring. If you already own a building with electric exit signs in place, making the switch to photoluminescent exit signs will still save you money. This is because photoluminescent exit signs won’t drain you of the $3,500 a year per hundred signs that electric signs cost, nor will they require any sort of maintenance or replacement parts. Plus, your photoluminescent exit signs can remain in place in excess of 25 years.

To learn more about the cost savings provided by photoluminescent means of egress, contact Jessup Manufacturing, the makers of GloBrite® products, today.

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