Key Exit Sign Change in Canada

Most Glo Brite® Eco-Exit signs are designed to fully charge when they are exposed to a minimum of five foot-candles (FC) of light. This is the industry standard in the United States and it is in compliance with the International Fire Code and the International Building Code. However, Canada has a different standard. According to fire codes there, exit signs in Canada that utilize photoluminescent technology can be charged when exposed just two foot-candles of light.

In order to meet that high standard, Glo Brite® has created a new photoluminescent exit sign that will charge with a 2FC light charge for all 30 minute occupancies.  Jessup currently hold a S572 Listing for running man signs with a 2 FC light charge.

Benefits of Photoluminescence

Photoluminescent exit signs have a number of advantages over more traditional electric exit signs. While many building owners tend to assume that electric exit signs are their best option, photoluminescent signs are actually more portable, easier to install, better for the environment, and easier to maintain.

Glo Brite® exit signs can stay in place in excess of 25 years with virtually no maintenance. They gather energy from the lights that surround them, which means that they don’t require any excess energy. Unlike incandescent exit signs, which can cost thousands of dollars every year for building owners to operate, photoluminescent signs won’t add a penny to your electricity bill and save on maintenance costs.

Photoluminescent exit signs are also much easier to install and move if your egress paths ever change. They don’t require any sort of wiring, which means they can simply be screwed in place. They are lightweight, non-toxic, non-radioactive, and 100% recyclable.

While our new photoluminescent exit sign will be the first of its kind on the market in Canada, we hope that many more will follow, because photoluminescent exit signs are the way of the future. They are the greenest choice, the most cost-effective, and in many ways, the safest. They’re also a more modern, sleek design choice.This will be the last exit sign you will ever purchase.

Learn more by contacting Jessup Manufacturing, the makers of Glo Brite® Eco-Exit signs, today.

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