Keeping Travelers Safe from Slips During Spring Break 2018

Spring Break 2018 is here and summer vacation is not far behind. A time of relaxation and fun for vacationers, but an often stressful time for those in the hospitality industry. From hotel and cruise ship executives to tour guides and amusement park management, ensuring the safety of guests is always top of mind. With over 8 million emergency room visits due to slips, trips, and falls, representing the leading cause of visits and it is estimated that slips, trips and falls cost the hospitality industry more than $10 billion a year it makes sense to pay close attention to how to prevent these incidents before they happen. An area prone to wetness or an uneven surface can quickly turn a fun time into a treacherous one, for both the guest with injury and the business with potential legal troubles. So how can the hospitality industry keep travelers safe from an accidental slip or fall?

Understanding your sectors specific challenges, requirements, and perhaps most importantly the ways to partner with an adhesive company to utilize grip tape or non slip tape products will ensure both the safety and fun factor are high for your guests to keep them coming back for more year after year. We have broken down the top four most common hospitality sectors to discuss various ways to stop the slip and keep the fun.

Air and Land Travel

Some vacationers consider getting to the destination part of the fun, checking out sights and enjoying a cocktail; others are concerned about sickness, keeping an eye on their children, or simply filled with fears. Either way, these distracted travelers are highly prone to slips, trips, and falls so it is important for the travel sector to take precautions.

  • Airplane Travel: Air travel is generally a safer means of travel compared to car, train, or boat, but airplane slip and fall accidents still happen. Using the stairs during plane boarding and un-boarding is probably the largest concern for slips and falls in air travel. Consider a guest descending down the steps with a bag, during a light rain. A slight misstep could mean a nasty slip and fall. Properly utilizing stair safety products such as a non slip tread on the stairs could easily help stop or lessen the slip.
  • Train Travel: When a passenger train is traveling the ride is generally smooth enough where travelers can walk about safely, but it can encounter an uneven surface leading to a bump or tousle. Also, to be in compliance with the ADA, a passenger train must provide universal elements to be accessible to all passengers. This could mean the addition of ramps, which in conjunction with a fast moving train and potentially wet surfaces, is a slipping hazard for all train passengers and should be treated with anti-slip tape or grip tape.
  • RV Travel Renting an RV can be an exhilarating experience for a family vacation or even empty nesters seeking to travel across America. However, RV’s provide their own risks with travelers often moving about when they should be seated and highly prone to wet floors from showers, faucets or spilt drinks. Ensuring RV travelers are safe from slips means providing anti-slip tape or grip-tape on most all walkable surfaces. Top locations for grip tape or adhesive include the bathtub and bathroom, around the sleeping quarters and near the kitchen sink. It is important to pay close attention to the stairs and include non slip stair treads or some other variation of a stair safety product when entering and exiting the vehicle.

Hotels and Resorts

Ask the executives at top hotel chains like Marriott, Hilton or Starwood Hotels and Resorts and they will tell you that guest safety is a #1 priority. Slips and falls are unfortunately the number one cause of accidents in hotels, with 70% of them actually happening on a flat or level surface. With a relatively small investment of money and time, trips, slips, and falls in hotels can easily be prevented. A few of the common locations within the hotel to focus on prevention include:

  • Entrance Floors: These floors are heavily trafficked and often become quickly wet from poor weather conditions. Many guests are distracted carrying heavy luggage or rushing to catch a flight and not considering the ground they are entering or exiting on. Not to mention, it can be difficult for hotel staff to maintain floor safety during peak times, so it is extra important for hotels to provide a quality anti-slip and quality grip tape product for their entrance.
  • Bathrooms: Many legal woes for hotels come from guests slipping in their bathrooms. Some very simple prevention tactics can help protect the hotels liability against slips and falls in guest bathrooms and also protect their guests from slipping in the first place. Ensuring all bathtubs and showers have either an appliqué or anti-slip adhesive will help prevent skidding. Also including handrails on the wall of the shower or tub and regular maintenance or replacement of slip-resistant products is key to ensure guest safety and reduced hotel liability in slips and falls.
  • Stairs: Taking the stairs is an easy way for a hotel guest to get a quick workout in, but also provides a danger to slipping and falling that hotel management needs to be aware of. Providing proper stair treads and ensure your stair nosing and design are in compliance will lower hotel liability should a guest slip and fall. It is also important to provide adequate lighting in the stairwell and use emergency exit signs and hotel safety signs where needed in the stairwells.
  • Fitness Center and Spa: By simply applying treadmill non slip tape and non-skid fitness equipment tape to frequently used machines and equipment, you can prevent guest injury substantially. Also, within spa areas such as a steam room or whirlpool it is important to provide anti-slip tape throughout, including an adhesive on floors that consistently have moisture on them.

Cruise Ships

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Cruise ships today are the safest that have ever sailed, thanks to the rules, regulations, and technological innovations that govern their design and because of it the cruise industry has expanded greatly in recent decades, with more than 24.2 million North Americans cruising in 2016. However, the statistic still stands that wet surfaces make up 55% of all slip, trips, and falls in the hospitality industry and it is inevitable that cruise ships will be wet. It is important to pay special attention to not only the guest rooms (think bathtub adhesive or grip tape in bathrooms) and common interior quarters (wet location exit signs and slip resistant adhesives, paying special attention to uneven surfaces), but also utilizing non-slip tape, non-slip coating, or another boat deck adhesive on all exterior areas of the ships that passengers or workers utilize. Paying special attention to coat ramps with grip tape and stairs with proper anti-slip stair treads can play an instrumental role in preventing slip and fall accidents for cruise ship passengers.

Leisure Activities

Some vacationers want to lay poolside on their cruise ship, while others prefer to head out and grab a surfboard lesson. Whatever the case, leisure activities are what makes a vacation, a vacation. These activities, no matter how low-impact they are, can pose a risk of slips, trips, or falls. It is important to protect customers, but also make their experiences second to none. By working with a well-rounded adhesive company, they can help provide protection from slips without taking away from the actual activity. A few popular spring break and summer vacation activities to focus on preventing slips, trips, and falls include:

  • Swimming Pools: What can seem like an innocent activity, laying by the pool, can pose a lot of health risks. Ensuring the pool deck has proper slip-resistant coating or grip-tape applied, taking care to apply a diving board adhesive and including waterproof non slip stair treads will help prevent your liability should a pool slip happen on your property.
  • Surfboarding: The global market for surfboarding is projected to reach $9.5 billion in 2022, and is incredibly popular among vacationers with ocean access. Novice and experienced surfers alike are constantly at risk of slipping and surfboard wax often times doesn’t do the trick. Offering your surf guests slip resistant surfboard tape or including a non-slip surfboard tape on your boards is a great way to reduce the risk of accidental surfboard injuries due to slips.
  • Longboarding or Skateboarding: Being ranked as a Top 10 Global Sport, many looking to learn something while on vacation will set their sites on skateboarding or its newer counterpart, longboarding. When offering vacationers skateboard rental, including an extreme sports tape, skateboard slip tape or skateboard grip tape will offer them and you peace of mind in preventing slips.

The hospitality industry is about making guests feel welcomed and appreciated. Vacationing should never have to be thought of as a hazardous activity. If proper safety measures are taken by the various sectors, guests can be ensured a great experience without the worry of a slip, trip or fall.. When it comes to non-slip tape or anti grip tape, the quality of the traction of the tape can greatly influence the performance, so ensure you are working with a quality adhesive company for your investments. Here is to a prosperous Spring Break 2018 for the hospitality industry and keeping vacationers safe from slips, trips, and falls!

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