Jessup to Get UL Listing for LED Light Activation


Here at Glo Brite®, we have spent years designing our photoluminescent exit signs to charge under the light sources most commonly found in public, industrial and commercial buildings. We have exit signs that charge when exposed to LED, fluorescent, mercury vapor, and metal halide lights. These tend to be the lights of choice in buildings like hospitals, office towers, schools, and apartment buildings.

But now, many of the same buildings are starting to favor LED lights, and this is a good thing. LED lights have a number of benefits over fluorescent lights. They consume much less energy, and are therefore the greener choice. They also last quite a bit longer, so they don’t need to be replaced nearly as often. LED lights are also possible to dim, which most fluorescent lights are not. And LED lights are quieter – they don’t have the constant low buzz created by florescent lights.

Glo Brite® Eco-Exit signs are the greenest choice for your emergency exit signage. In order to help you make your whole building as green and energy efficient as possible, we worked very hard to develop Eco-Exit signs that work with LED light activation. Our new indoor signs have currently received UL 924 certification.

For those who may not know, UL and Intertek are independent global safety science companies that reviews, tests, audits, and lists all sorts of products. All current Glo Brite® Eco-Exit signs are UL or Interek listed, in addition to meeting the standards of the International Building Code and the International Fire Code.

By combining the power of LED lights with zero-energy photo luminescent exit signs, building owners can significantly lower their energy consumption and electricity costs year by year. Glo Brite® exit signs are designed to last in excess of 25 years and are completely non-toxic, non-radioactive, and 100% recyclable. They use substantially less material, require less maintenance, and don’t consume any of the energy required by their electric counterparts.

This will be the last exit sign you will ever purchase.

If your building is making the switch to LED lights, contact Jessup Manufacturing, the makers of Glo Brite® Eco-Exit signs to learn more about our pending UL listing.

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