How to Use Graphics Media in Creative and Useful Ways

Graphics media printed on wide format printers is increasingly becoming a trendy way to create a buzz. From advertising, events, retail, or wayfinding— it can grab the attention of a crowd and make them feel engaged in ways that not even digital media can these days. More than ever, we are seeing companies turn to graphics media when they are looking for a creative way to build their brand or event, create social chatter, and get the biggest bang out of their advertising buck. The picture shown above is an application using Asphalt Art®. This was a mural installation of an old map from 1766 of New York City at 85 Broad Street. Read the full story here.

It’s not surprising that graphics media has become so popular. With advances in printer technology and coated films the graphics are printed on, the results are nothing short of amazing. Other top reasons to consider graphics media in 2019 include:

  • Price Point: Graphics media offers a lot of different options, in large or custom sizes, and are generally cost effective to create and very simple to install and remove which means cost savings back to the buyer.
  • Easy Installation and Removal: Graphics media are easy to install and even easier to remove, with generally little residue left behind. This makes it extremely attractive for short-term events because it is simple to put up and remove. There are options available that adhere to almost any indoor or outdoor surface.
  • Attention Grabbing: Clients consistently come back to tell us how their graphics media pieces were the talk of their event. With such a large variety of films, you can create 3D, mesh, textured, and even glow-in-the-dark effects.
  • Features and Options: Graphics media can be used on virtually any product, flooring, wall, even floating on water. The films to choose from can be chemical resistant, abrasion resistant, and antibacterial. Depending on the specific product you choose, it can also be NFSI Certified for high traction and ASTM D-2047 certified for slip resistance.

What can graphics media offer your business? It varies depending on your industry. Every month we see new and creative ways to utilize graphics for brand promotion, event advertising, or retail and office spaces. Here are our top picks for trends in graphics media by industry:

Restaurant Graphics Media Trends:

Restaurant owners are increasingly using graphics media to prevent slip and fall accidents and promote their specials or the latest events.

  • Non-slip Graphics Media Flooring: This has become prominent inside and outside restaurants! Consider restaurant floors—common culprits for slip and fall accidents due to food or drinks being spilled, grease or oils, or simply the elements of outside being tracked inside. Restaurants are enjoying the non-slip benefits of graphics media to create outstanding artwork, specifically around their entryway, restrooms, patios, and bar areas.
  • Countertop Graphics Media: Using Jessup’s Matador™ graphics media, we are seeing an uptick in restaurants creating advertising or specials with this non-adhesive, embossed, reverse print vinyl to create durable printed countertop mats that can be easily moved and reused.

Trade Show Graphics Media Trends:

When it comes to organizing a trade show or putting together a company booth, the possibilities to utilize graphics media for an inexpensive, sleek looking option are endless.

  • 3D Graphics: Thanks to updated ink technology and digital imaging, 3D graphics are now a very real and very affordable thing. You can design and print three-dimensional graphics media for your tradeshow booth or the show floor to create an engaging effect. 3D graphics make passersby stop and come into the booth, becoming a great ice breaker!
  • Mesh Graphics Media: Graphics media using mesh can give greater interest to your booth or display in an instant. Jessup’s SoftWalk® graphics media is ideal on almost any walking or wall surface and can be used and reused as a banner, a runner, or an ad.
  • Escalators, Elevators: These spaces are an advertiser’s dream at a trade show. We have seen a huge increase in trade shows offering sponsorships for brands to promote themselves or their events, booths, products by way of escalators, stair treads, or large elevator graphics. With so many people coming in and out, it definitely grabs the visitor’s attention. TexWalk® is a favored choice for these installations because it is ASTM D-2047 certified for slip- resistance. It doesn’t require overlamination, and it can be cut into any shape allowing for immense versatility. TexWalk® works well for short term applications on carpet, tile, wood, metal, and painted surfaces—making it the ideal choice for trade show floor graphics.

united-airlinesmallSporting Events Graphics Media Trends:

The ways to use graphics media for sporting events is endless. Depending on the sporting event, you may use it in promote your product in different instances. Here are a few of our favorite universal trends in using graphics media for sporting events.

  • Slip Resistant Flooring, Inside and Out: With so many pairs of feet walking through sporting events, graphics media offers a great option to provide a safe, slip-resistant floor and provide branding, event messaging, or advertising at the same time. It’s been on more event coordinators radar lately because it is cost effective and it will hold up to withstand heavy foot traffic or inclement weather conditions; from rainy to the hot heat. A product like Jessup’s Asphalt Art® won’t fade, peel, or lose its slip resistance which makes it an excellent choice for marathon finish lines, motocross, swimming, soccer, football—the possibilities are endless.
  • happy-hour-small

  • Wayfinding Signage: Graphics media offers a simple way to make wayfinding engaging and easy to follow at events. Jessup’s Matador™ graphics media is especially ideal for your wayfinding signage because it can be placed and removed quickly on floors or counters. This non-adhesive graphics media is printed on the reverse side to protect the ink from wear and tear. It can be combined with a non-slip backer in clear or white for added slip resistance. Simply place the graphics for your event and quickly remove them as soon as the event is over.
  • Stair Advertising: Graphics on stairs, particularly at stadium events, continues to be a favorite way to advertise. It is an unexpected way for spectators to connect with your brand or message as they walk up and down. Stair advertising is an excellent choice because it can be made slip resistant and will surely be seen by many.

Office and Retail Graphics Media Trends


  • Large Scale Graphics Media: Graphics media offers retailers and offices the ability to create large murals which can be switched out as quickly as needed without any fuss. We are seeing more retailers utilize the outside of their buildings or shop windows with large graphics media displays. In office spaces, it is an inexpensive option in lieu of artwork or to make those cubicle walls more interesting. Recently at Jessup, we printed pictures of our pets on TexWalk® and installed them on the outside of our cubicle walls. This office enhancement can be done thematically or changed with the season. Possible options for cubicle enhancement includes printing a jersey from your preferred sports team, a favorite quote, a map of your favorite city, favorite flower—to name a few.
  • 3D: Making an appearance again is three-dimensional graphics media. Extremely popular with retail to create a pop of interest and grab the customers attention for a campaign on the floor. Movie theaters use 3D graphics effectively to promote larger than life characters including many super hero characters. ClearWalk® provides a unique way to create interesting 3D effects. Because it’s translucent, you can see the floor beneath the graphic. This material has a foot-friendly feel, a waterproof adhesive and associated durability of the film guarantee its usability.
  • Checkout Counters: Using a non-adhesive graphics media such as Matador™ is a growing trend for retail locations to create re-usable and repositionable pieces for promoting current sales or themes going on for the month.

Transportation Graphics Media Trends:

  • Glow-In-The-Dark: With photoluminescent properties, Jessup’s Glo Brite® graphics media provide a long-lasting glow which creates attention for bus and subways station to use to offer wayfinding or advertising.
  • Sleek Floor Advertising: A product like Asphalt Art® can adhere to many types of outdoor surfaces while still appearing to be “painted on” and changing it out isn’t time-consuming or costly. A” painted” on the floor appearance has become a widespread option for buses, subway stations and transit lines to offer advertising. Being able to be utilized both inside and outside, withstand heavy foot traffic, this graphics media performs many different services beyond advertising.
  • In Lieu of Billboards: Many transportation stations are switching out billboards for graphics media. Graphics media offers a sleeker option and can easily be installed and removed. It can also be custom cut and offer a variety of options from texture to glow-in-the-dark all for a relatively inexpensive price point.
  • Bus Shelters Transformations: From including the sidewalk in front of bus shelters as ad space, to working with advertisers to transform bus shelters in miniature environments, to “transport” riders while they wait—the possibilities are endless with graphics media and riders will remember ads for far longer.

Graphics media can be used in so many creative and useful ways no matter the industry. Tell us about some other ways you are using graphics media on our Facebook page #jessupgraphicsmedia. Consult with your Jessup representative and they will be able to guide you to the best material choices for your requirements.

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