How to Market At Sporting Events with Graphics Media

Getting your brand name out to the public during sporting events is big business. In fact, in 2016 it was reported 15.7 billion U.S. dollars were spent in North American sports sponsorships alone. It makes sense, because sporting events draw big crowds of people- both in person and digital. Some numbers to create a clearer picture of the sporting market:

– A whopping 63% of Americans describe themselves as some type of sports fan.

– Total attendance at regular season games of the National Football League has consistently been at more than 17 million per season for several years now.

– And not to be forgotten, the Great American Race (Daytona 500) continually sells out its motorsports racetrack, holding 101,500 seats alone.

So how can a sponsor or advertiser ensure they are getting the biggest bang for their marketing buck when it comes to reaching sports fans- both in person and on screen?

In 2018, it is no surprise that many advertisers are looking to social channels and digital to reach millennials. But beyond that, what can grab the attention of a crowd to create a buzz, make them feel engaged, or stop to do a double take? Typical signage and banners can feel outdated, be costly to put up and tear down, tough on the environment, and potentially create eyesores- often times doing more harm than good. We are now seeing brands turning to utilize graphics media instead to offer a creative, unexpected, and engaging way to create the social buzz they are looking for and to get the biggest bang out of their advertising dollars.

Why are more marketing and advertising agencies recommending the use of graphics media to their clients?

  • Extremely Cost Effective. Often times, you are given a great concept to advertise, but it comes with a high dollar implementation or complexity beyond the time constraints you are under. Graphics media is generally less expensive to create and very simple to install and remove, all meaning cost-savings back to you.
  • Simplicity Is Key. Graphics media can be adhered to almost any type of indoor or outdoor surface and as mentioned, easy to install and remove before and after the promotional event takes place. That means if the host decides your advertising needs to be moved, the product still maintains its strong adhesive backing to be placed elsewhere. It doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue that requires a remover, such as Goo-Gone either.
  • Engaging Is An Understatement. Graphics media can create spectacular wall murals and building wraps or eye catching floor decals and even pool graphics. They come in varying styles from glow in the dark utilizing photoluminescent technology, to sleek painted on looks, textured styles, and even a 3D effects option. It is sure to get photographed, shared on social media, and stopped to be looked at during sporting events.
  • Features Galore. Graphics media is not what it used to be. Depending what you are looking to use the product on, many options are available including: chemical resistant, abrasion resistant, and antibacterial. Depending on the specific product you choose it can also be NFSI Certified for high traction and ASTM D-2047 certified for slip resistance.

How can a brand utilize graphics media at various sporting events to build their image, increase share of voice, and improve sales? The sky’s the limit, but it can vary greatly depending on the sport, location, and segment of people viewing the sport. A few examples of popular sporting events and how graphics media has proved invaluable for brands include:


How-to-Market-At-Sporting-Events-with-Graphics-Media-smallLast year a reported 507,600 people completed 26.2 miles in the United States and 1.9 million completed half marathons (this isn’t factoring those who did not cross the finish line). The TCS New York City Marathon was the largest marathon in the United States, with over 51,000 finishers. The Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon topped the finisher list for 13.1 miles, with over 27,000 people crossing it. Needless to say, marathons draw large crowds of both fans and participants making them prime for advertising. Going about marathon advertising is tricky, considering many of those attending are constantly on the move. Done right, a marathon sponsorship will automatically associate your brand with all the virtues and positive feelings that are exemplified by endurance sports. A great way to utilize graphics media at marathons is by putting a slip resistant medium durable enough to withstand thousands of pairs of feet treading across it without loss of color or brightness or concerns of peeling in heat or people slipping on it in wet weather right at the finish line and even leading up to the finish line for both runners and spectators to see it. Recently, a customer utilized Jessup’s Asphalt Art® for this purpose at the United Airlines Guam Marathon and reported a successful event, and even after a few hours of rain during the event the ground decals had no issues being slippery. Marathon sponsors aren’t limited to the finish line with non-slip advertisements either. Consider spectator areas or the course itself to offer motivation, suggest social media engagement, and create fun photo ops with your branding front and center. If you are looking to reach thousands of active, smart, healthy consumers then looking into marathon advertising with graphics media makes sense for your brand.


Auto-racing is ranked among some of the most popular sports in the U.S. Globally, annual sponsorship spending in motor sports amounts to over 5 billion U.S. dollars. NASCAR is the preeminent organizer of stock car racing and is one of the world’s most valuable sports event brands, while the brand value of Daytona 500 in 2017 was 140 million U.S. dollars and, in 2018, TV viewership for Daytona 500 in the U.S. stood at around 9.3 million. Utilizing non-slip graphics media on the racetrack and throughout the stadium floors to attract brand recognition and social interaction or even supply directions, is a great way to not only engage with the crowds, but improve market share. Stair advertising with non-slip graphics media is an unexpected way for spectators to interact with your brand, so consider putting an engaging message as they walk up or down that can be related back to you. Another smart use of graphics media is by applying it on the stadium walls with life size images of racers, your branding, and a hashtag suggestion to encourage fun photo ops and social media sharing to further get your brand name out to the public.


Perhaps one of the most watched sports throughout the world is soccer. The FIFA World Cup is unofficially the world’s largest sporting event, featuring 32 national soccer teams, and captivating an estimated 3.2 billion people across the globe in 2014 during its month-long run. In fact, according to FIFA’s most recent Big Count survey, there are 265 million players actively involved in soccer around the world, roughly about 4 percent of the world’s population. How can a brand utilize graphics media during a soccer event, big or small? One of the most popular uses is to wrap the stadium sides with branding that will look both sleek and professional and non-slip decals are also becoming increasingly popular at soccer games. Graphics media at soccer games can be utilized in playful ways to engage with spectators both in the stadium or watching from home.

Of course other sporting events can’t be dismissed from using graphics media in unexpected and engaging ways for advertisers. Popular sports like football, baseball, hockey, and basketball are great events to advertise at for both college and professional level. Golf and tennis are not to be forgotten, as they draw large crowds both in person and viewing on television. Swimming events offer excellent opportunities to place non-slip graphics media advertising and provide safety from pool slips. Some of the top ways to utilize graphics media for these sporting events include:

  • Non-slip floor decals which work both indoor and outdoor. Placing non-slip decals on the field grounds directly or throughout the stadium floors can be fun, engaging, and even informative for people. You’ll also help ensure they don’t slip or fall with the slip-resistant adhesive and don’t have to be concerned with peeling or discoloration.
  • Consider putting branding, catchy sayings, or imagery going up or down a flight of stadium stairs or an egress aisle. This type of graphics media use will undoubtedly will be read of hundreds, if not thousands of people at each and every event. Advertising graphics media can also be directly attached to metal risers and removed easily.
  • Oversized wall murals inside and on the outside of the stadium itself, or in parking lots will offer eye-catching branding that will make people do a double take.
  • Creating illusions of putting the spectator in the sport itself with the use of graphics media is a popular idea that makes for a great photo to be shared on social media and engage with the public, all while increasing brand market share.

Graphics media truly offers endless possibilities for brands looking to advertise at sporting events. From ceiling, wall, or floor- both inside and outside. Their durability, cost effectiveness, numerous features, and ability to be a truly engaging option makes them an excellent choice for marketing spend at sporting events and beyond.

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