How Do Photoluminescent Exit Signs Save Energy?

Benefits of Photoluminescent Exit SignsIf you’re looking for a simple and cost-effective way to save energy in your building this Earth Day, you can’t make a better choice than photoluminescent exit signs. Many building owners throughout the United States turn to electric exit signs as their default choice for emergency exit safety, but smart owners save money and energy by choosing photoluminescent signs instead.

Photoluminescent exit signs have a number of benefits over their electric alternatives, and one of their biggest benefits is eco-friendliness.

If your building utilizes older model electric exit signs with incandescent bulbs, you’re probably spending about $35per sign on electricity costs alone over the course of a year. Multiply that by one hundred signs, and that’s $3,500 that you’ll spend on electricity alone every year.

Of course, if you have a newer building, you likely opted for LED electric signs, which cost substantially less to operate. But they do still draw energy, and all electric exit signs require the occasional replacement of worn out batteries and continual maintenance.

Photoluminescent exit signs, on the other hand, don’t draw any additional energy at all. They don’t need backup batteries, replacement bulbs, or complicated wiring. They can simply be screwed in place and dusted off from time to time. GloBrite® Eco-Exit signs are designed to last in excess of 25 years with virtually no maintenance and absolutely no energy costs.

Photoluminescent exit signs are able to glow brightly by absorbing energy from nearby light fixtures and the sun. When installing a photoluminescent exit sign, all you need to do is use a light meter to make sure that enough light is hitting the surface of the sign. A steady source of light that you would already have on anyway is enough to let photoluminescent signs glow brightly in excess of 90 minutes during blackout situations.

Altogether, one hundred GloBrite® exit signs can save your building 350,400 kWh of energy over the course of their life. They can also reduce your carbon footprint by 560,640 pounds of CO2. That’s the equivalent of planting nearly 70 acres of forest.

Learn more about the energy benefits and cost savings of GloBrite® EcoExit signs by contacting Jessup Manufacturing, the makers of GloBrite®, today.

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