Make Your Hotel Safety Signage More Effective

Standards for international safety signs have been moving ahead in order to make public buildings safer for everyone who visits, not just people who speak the local language. In fact, it’s now required in Canada that exit signs use a pictogram to mark egress paths rather than the word “EXIT.” This helps ensure that everyone — whether they are literate, a small child, or an English speaker — is able to identify the nearest exit with speed and minimal confusion.

Jessup Manufacturing has added two new signs to our catalog of GloBrite® eco-exit sign offerings. The GloBrite® P50 Running Man is a pictogram exit sign that can be used in addition to text-based exit signs in the United States or in place of them in Canada. These signs absorb ambient light so that they can glow brightly during blackout and smoky conditions. The 21.6 lx sign can even be charged with LED light and will glow in excess of 30 minutes when fully charged. The 54 lx sign will glow for 120 minutes. Both signs are in compliance with international standards for fire safety, making them effect hotel safety signs.

Why Choose Photoluminescent Pictogram Signs?
Whether you need pictogram exit signs in order to comply with local law or want to make your building safer for international travelers and young children, photoluminescent exit signs are the ideal choice for modern, low-energy office and hotel safety signs. These signs don’t require any sort of complex wiring, can be installed in a matter of minutes, and will add to the aesthetic of any building with their sleek acrylic and aluminum frames.

Photoluminescent exit signs are actually recommended by the International Building Code, in part because they are less likely than electric signs to fail in emergency situations. They are also a greener choice because they don’t require any additional energy to operate, are 100% recyclable, and can work in excess of 25 years.

Take a look at the cost comparisons between electric exit signs and eco-friendly photoluminescent signs. GloBrite® offers a number of options including both single-sided, double-sided, and framed signs for use in a wide variety of office, apartment, and municipal settings. Contact Jessup Manufacturing today to learn more about current international safety standards or how to make your hotel safety signage more effective. We’re here to help you with our new GloBrite® P50 Running Man exit signs.

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