Make Your Office More Stylish and More Green at the Same Time

green-officeChances are your office building has old electric exit signs in dusty, cobwebbed boxes. These signs give off an annoying green or red light that’s like a gnat that in the corner of your peripheral vision at all times. If they’re old enough, they might even have that annoying electric hum that never seems to stop.

You probably feel like these dusty old eyesores are simply a fact of life, but there’s actually a much better option. With photoluminescent exit signs, you can do away with old electric signs and give yourself a green office that is more stylish than ever before.

Lots of companies trying to make their offices both more stylish and more green head straight to their appliances. Changing out old kitchen and office tech for new products that are sleeker, smaller, and more energy-efficient is a great way to improve the aesthetic of your office while also reducing your carbon footprint. Just remember when you’re overhauling your appliances not to forget those pesky exit signs.

Installing green office signage is a simple way to lower your company’s energy consumption while also creating a more beautiful work environment. GloBrite® eco-exit signs are simple and sleek. They now come in either acrylic or aluminum frames to add to the ambience of your office space.

With GloBrite® photoluminescent signs, you won’t have to deal with any sort of annoying glow or hum during regular business hours. Instead, if the lights suddenly go out, GloBrite® signs will begin to glow, directing everyone toward the safest exit. They don’t require any additional electricity to operate and can be installed in a matter of minutes. Once they’re in place, these exit signs will maintain their sleek look and function for up to 25 years. Plus, when the time comes to dispose of them, GloBrite® signs can be recycled because they contain no toxic or radioactive materials.

Photoluminescent exit signs are actually recommended by the International Fire Code and the International Building Code. Unlike electric signs that rely on regularly serviced backup batteries — many of which never received proper maintenance — photoluminescent signs simply absorb ambient light so that they are always charging and ready to go in emergency situations.

Take a look at our product details for the GloBrite® P50 exit sign to see just how stylish and green your company’s emergency signage could be.

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