Jessup Unveils Latest Product, Glow-In-The-Dark Glo Brite®

The team here at Jessup was thrilled to unveil our latest addition to the Asphalt Art line of print media at the recent SGIA Expo 2015 in Atlanta, GA. There were a lot of great products and solutions on display, but we feel that our new Glo Brite® print media made quite the splash.

Glo Brite® is a new promotional grade graphics media with glow-in-the-dark properties. Just like Asphalt Art®, SoftWalk®, and the rest of our print media products, Glo Brite® can peel and stick in place in a matter of minutes. Glo Brite® has a matte HD print-receptive surface that can be beautifully printed with solvent, UV inks, and thermal transfer systems.

Print virtually any graphic you can imagine with Glo Brite®. The big difference is that its thin-gauge, flexible film will glow in the dark after being exposed to ambient light.

The possibilities for using Glo Brite® film are endless. It can be printed and die cut to virtually any size or shape, meaning that you can use it for unforgettable marketing materials, wayfinding, safety signage, or to create special effects or 2D images that look 3D.

Glo Brite® has all the same conveniences and possibilities of other Jessup graphics media, but with the added benefit of photoluminescence. It can be easily affixed to walls, floors, or a combination thereof for short to medium term event advertising, to create unique wall murals, or for distinctive product ads.

The photoluminescent properties of Glo Brite® are promotional grade. After being exposed to natural or artificial light, images printed on Glo Brite® film will glow for up to six hours. This means that GloBrite custom graphics can be used to create unique and entertaining wayfinding in entertainment venues and at special events like prom or company parties.

Custom floor and wall graphics are already unexpected and incredibly effective. Imagine how much more entertaining and eye-catching your signage could be if it glowed in the dark?

We are quite excited about the new realm of sign possibilities opened up by Glo Brite® film. To learn more about its possible uses or to request a sample pack of our print media, contact Jessup Manufacturing today.

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