Simple Ways to Cut Costs Without Cutting Corners

Costs-Without-Cutting-CornersFor business owners ranging from mom-and-pop shops to multi-national conglomerates, cutting costs is always a top priority. Finding simple ways to cut costs around the office is a great way to help reduce overhead and improve profits. But it can be hard to cut costs without also cutting corners. A few simple ways your company can reduce its overhead costs include going digital, powering down when possible, and utilizing energy efficient exit signs.

Cut the Hardcopies
Take a minute to think about all the paper — documents, spreadsheets, presentations, invoices, etc. — that your business prints. How many of these things do you really need in paper form? The answer is probably not very many at all.

If your office is filled to the brim with paper files, you’re spending a fortune on paper, ink, and most importantly, the manpower required to file and sort through those hardcopies. Streamline your process and make all of your information more accessible by going digital with a cloud storage service, backup hard drives, or a combination thereof.

Turn Everything Off
The electricity bill is a huge monthly expense for a lot of offices. You can help reduce your electricity consumption drastically by having employees turn off their computers every night and only turning on printers, copiers, fax machines, etc. when they are actually needed. You should also take a poll of your employees to find out whether you’re keeping the building colder than it needs to be. A recent report found that women are freezing in the workplace. Using a little less AC might actually save you some money and make your employees happier.

Invest in Energy-Saving Signs
Speaking of electricity, did you know that a building that uses 100 halogen exit signs will spend about $3,500 powering those signs each year? Photoluminescent exit signs, on the other hand, don’t require any added energy to operate, nor do they require any sort of wiring or complex installation. With a lifespan in excess of 25 years, GloBrite® photoluminescent signs can save even small businesses thousands of dollars in energy costs while also making your employees safer.

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