3 Ways to Take Your Office Into the 21st Century

low-energy-exit-signsEvery office can benefit from an update. Whether you work in a building that feels stuck in the 80s or a new office that doesn’t seem to have any sort of charm or style, these design tips can help your workplace feel more modern, more comfortable, and more productive.

The Eco-Friendly Office
There are a lot of great ways that you can make your office more environmentally friendly and more stylish at the same time. For example, consider replacing old office computers, copiers, and printers with new devices that are more energy-efficient and better looking. Getting rid of the clutter created by old clunky appliances will help your office feel more streamlined while also reducing your carbon footprint. Remember to also power down all office machines that are not in use and turn the lights out whenever a room is empty.

You can also reduce your level of energy consumption and help your office feel more modern by installing low energy exit signs. Photoluminescent exit signs like the GloBrite® P50 can save your company thousands of dollars a year in energy costs. They also look much sleeker than old electric exit signs, are better for the environment, and are much more likely to keep you safe in an emergency situation.

Try a New Layout
Switching your office to an open floor plan could help make your office space feel more creative, vibrant, and productive. It also puts everyone on an equal playing field, which makes employees feel more valued. Have fun trying out a few different layouts to see what sparks the happiness and productivity of your team.

Think Outside the Box
Let your team collaborate on how they think the office should be decorated. Maybe as a teambuilding exercise, your employees could paint a mural on one of your office walls together. Leaving behind old, stagnant ways of thinking about the office could help reinvigorate your workspace and your employees.

In the same way that you reimagine what an exit sign or an office layout could be, let your employees reimagine what their office experience could be like. You might be surprised what innovative and effective ideas come about.

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