Easy, Cost Effective Ways to Give Your Office a Makeover

cost-saving-exit-signsYour employees spend about half of their waking hours in your office. Hopefully, they choose to work for you because they enjoy the work and respect the company, but there is no denying that company culture also plays an important role in workplace happiness.

Employees want to enjoy the people they work with, the work they get to do, and the place they get to do it in. If your office is less than an ideal place to spend eight hours of the day, perhaps it’s time to consider some cost-effective changes that could make your office both a nicer place to work and a more productive space.

  1. Cut the Clutter

The first and simplest thing that any business owner can do is go through the office clutter and waste and start throwing things out. A simple clearing out of unnecessary files, stacks of old papers, broken appliances, and other objects that seem to accumulate in offices will help your workplace feel more sleek and productive. The modern office of today is simplistic and minimalist. Getting rid of unneeded clutter is a great first step toward this ideal.

  1. Cut Old Electric Exit Signs

Another simple and often overlooked change is investing in cost-saving exit signs. The photoluminescent exit signs made by GloBrite®, for example, could save your company thousands of dollars per year in energy costs. Such signs will also make your office feel more modern and stylish.

The GloBrite® P50 exit sign is offered in either an acrylic or aluminum frame which can be installed in a matter of minutes, replacing old, dusty, power-sucking electric exit signs. As an added benefit, photoluminescent exit signs will actually make your employees safer while also making your office more green and more cost-effective.

  1. Cut Cubicle Walls

Finally, consider how layout changes might improve the efficiency and comradery of your office. Many companies are moving toward an open floor plan, which helps people feel more connected to each other and to the work that they’re doing. By getting rid of cubicle walls, investing in a few new tables, and perhaps splashing a fresh coat of paint on the walls, you could give not just your office but your entire company a facelift.

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