3 Reasons to Offer Your Construction Clients Better Safety Signage Options

construction-safety-signageSmart contractors have a lot balls to juggle on commercial building projects. They need to always keep an eye on the schedule, the budget, and they need to keep their clients happy. One easy way that you can help yourself do all three is by utilizing modern photoluminescent exit signs instead of old electric exit signs. Such construction safety signage can reduce costs and delays in a number of ways, and will also be beautiful additions to any new building.

Staying on Schedule

Whereas electric exit signs require complicated wiring and can take quite a while to install,photoluminescent exit signs can simply be screwed in place in a matter of minutes. GloBrite® eco-exit signs are available in either aluminum or acrylic frames which can be ceiling mounted, mounted directly to the wall, or utilize a flag mount. Photoluminescent signs can also be used for your construction safety signage, moving simply and effectively wherever you need them. This will save you time throughout the construction process and help your workers stay safe.

Staying on Budget

Photoluminescent exit signs will also reduce both your construction costs and your client’s building operation costs once your project is finished. Because they don’t require any electricity, you won’t need an expensive electrician to put photoluminescent signs in place. Simply ensure that each sign is exposed to the appropriate amount of light so that it charges during regular business hours. Once the building is done, the building owner will save thousands of dollars a year on reduced energy costs and maintenance costs. That’s a win-win.

Keeping the Client Happy

In addition to the ample cost savings that you will create for building owners by choosing photoluminescent exit signs, you’ll also impress them with the sleek style of these modern architectural signs. GloBrite®exit signs will make any office more green by reducing energy consumption and will also add to the aesthetic of any modern building with simple-yet-stylish acrylic and aluminum frame options.

Learn more about construction safety signage possibilities created by photoluminescent exit signs by contacting Jessup Manufacturing, the makers of GloBrite®, today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions about current standards and cost comparisons with electric exit signs.

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