Companies, Make Your Building More Green with One Change

One Change to Make Your Building GreenThis Earth Day, many companies are looking for ways that they can be more green. Especially in large companies, small changes applied companywide can have a major impact upon your carbon footprint. If you’re looking for one simple change that will help you reduce your annual building costs while also saving energy and helping the planet, consider making the switch to photoluminescent exit signs.

Chances are your buildings utilize electric exit signs. If that’s the case, hopefully you use LED exit signs, which draw the least amount of energy of any electric sign. But, if you work in an older building or haven’t addressed your safety plans in a while, you might still be using incandescent or fluorescent exit signs. In either case, every single one of those exit signs is drawing power 24-hours a day.

Each sign also had a backup battery pack. To be in compliance with the International Building Code and the International Fire Code, that battery pack should be tested once a month and completely drained and recharged every year. Each sign will also require the occasional replacement bulb, and when you ever need to move or replace a sign, that will carry significant labor costs.

The Photoluminescent Difference

Photoluminescent exit signs work by drawing energy from the ambient light that surrounds them. They don’t require any direct source of electricity, nor do they require a backup battery pack. Installing them takes a matter of minutes, and they can work in excess of 25 years virtually maintenance free. All told, replacingone hundredelectric exit signs and with photoluminescent signs should save you more than $40,000 over the life of the signs.

And let’s not forget about the energy savings. Those same hundred exit signs will reduce your carbon footprint by 560,640 pounds of CO2 over the life of the signs. In other words, by switching to photoluminescent exit signs, you can save money and have a positive impact upon the environment.

Plus, making the switch is simple. Because they don’t require any sort of complicated wiring or installation, photoluminescent signs can be put in place and properly tested in a matter of minutes. They can be mounted flush against the wall, to the ceiling, or with a flag mount. Once in place, all that your photoluminescent signs will require is the occasional dusting. In emergency situations, they should glow in excess of 90 minutes when fully charged, exceeding every major safety standard in the United States.

Learn more about the many benefits of photoluminescent signs today by contacting Jessup Manufacturing, the makers of GloBrite®.

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