Five Wall Decor Ideas to Update Your Business

Printing whatever you can imagine in any size and shape is no longer just for those with big budgets. In fact, quite the opposite. Remove the thoughts that large format print production is costly, convoluted, or confusing and take a second look. Today’s printing industry is yours to control. From self-adhesive banners, wallpapers, floor displays, and even outdoor applications—updating your business space has never been easier. The digital technology available today is creating unprecedented opportunities for business owners to share their visual concepts in print because it is completely flexible.

Taking a step back, let’s review the basics of large format printing. It is also commonly known as wide-format. Wide format printers (large format printers) are generally accepted to be any computer-controlled printers that support a maximum print roll width of between 18″ and 100″. Printers with capacities over 100″ wide are considered super wide or grand format. The types of projects you can do with a printer are no longer limited to paper, but different graphics media can be used for various application requirements, such as waterproof or non-slip. You can even create wall decor with a product that has a repositionable adhesive that will not leave residue when removed (even graphics that have been installed for months peel off painted drywall with ease). Slip resistant media is commonly used for floor decals, and 3D printing is gaining traction in popularity. So, what are five of the top trends we are seeing at Jessup that a business owner can easily implement to update their space?

Five Top Wall Decor Trends

  1. Wall Decals

These are not just for your child’s room anymore! Wall decals can be in any size, different sheens, and even glow in the dark. These decals are quickly becoming high on the list for stylish interior design, not only for homes, but for business spaces. Decals are designed on special paper that can easily be transferred onto another area. They use a special adhesive on the under surface which allows them to be repositioned a few times if needed. Wall decals offer an easy way to decorate a space without having to apply hooks, nails, or paint. They are also not only limited to walls as their name suggests. We have seen them applied on changing room doors, windows, and even furniture. Wall decals provide ideal temporary decoration, great for seasonal updates, and you won’t have to drain your decorating budget. Some of the top basic trends in wall decals include:

  • Bold geometric shapes (honeycombs)
  • Large flowers in bright colors
  • Themed prints (cartoons, animals, historic sites)

At Jessup, we have also been seeing an uptick in custom wall decals. Consider implementing your colors, branding, or custom imaging to create a seamless experience for your customer and pleasant visual for your employees. Wall decals can update an otherwise dull space and can completely alter the feel of your business space. Consider cubicle, bathrooms, and back office spaces and let your imagination go wild! In the Jessup office space, we recently printed pictures of our pets on TexWalk™ and then used the images on the outside of our cubicle and office walls in order to personalize the space.

  1. Informative Wall Decor

Custom printed walls allow business owners to utilize wall space and create an inviting space while offering information or messaging of any sort. The great thing about informative wall decor is they can work both inside or outside, and even on the floor! Using fun fonts and large prints, you can update an entire white wall with an eye catching display while displaying a plethora of information to your customer. Ideas for informative wall decor could also include:

  • Inspirational messaging
  • Wayfinding information
  • Taglines and Mottos

Informative wall decor is excellent for the entrance of business buildings, parking lots, and window displays. With endless possibilities, where will this latest trend take your brand?

  1. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is back in a big way. The best thing about using a graphics media for your wallpaper is that you can change it easily, unlike traditional wallpaper. With today’s technology advancements, precise color and accuracy isn’t just for small prints. Brands can now develop large multi paneled wall art which appears as wallpaper, but removes easily when you want to update the look. Go green and red zig zags for the holidays, update to bright floral patterns for the summer- the ideas are endless. Within hours you can transform a drab office into a lively space that your employees will want to spend their time. Or take a bare bathroom wall and make it a conversational piece. Make that tired storage area a brighter, happier place to be. The best part is when it is time to take it down, it doesn’t harm the wall and you are ready for your next application!

5 Wall Decor Ideas To Update Your Business

  1. 3D Wall Decor

If you want something eye catching, consider using a graphics media that offers a 3D effect. Pressure sensitive adhesive means it can also be applied on various surfaces indoors and easily removed. Because this particular graphics media is translucent, you can see the floor or wall beneath the graphic. It is extremely foot friendly, with a waterproof adhesive and durability to withstand lots of traffic.

  1. Outdoor Wall Decor

Don’t forget to think outside the box for your applications. Outside space is big business and is predicted to only get bigger. According to a recent study from Borrell, a media research company, out-of-home advertising (OOH) is the only ad medium, outside of internet marketing that has shown consistent growth since 2008 and is expected to continue to grow over the next five years. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America revenue for outdoor advertising will continue to increase in 2018 as it has over the past decade. Beyond billboards, businesses are now looking into transit and bus shelters for advertising and even outside walkways. This is a great way to grab the public’s attention in what is normally a flooded digital world. By offering an opposition to the digital noise, you can provide an exclusive marketing message that will be viewed multiple times by a captive audience, and generally for less spend then a digital ad. Don’t miss out on this huge market opportunity using wall decals as part of your outdoor advertising strategy.

Quick Tips for Planning Your Wall Decor

When you are getting ready to plan for your wall decor, you will first want to make a plan and a layout. Doing so will make the process more efficient and also help you visualize the final product. If you’re installing something for the first time, it’s also a good idea to mock up the job using digital pictures and simple editing tools.   Take pictures of the location where the graphic will be installed. Using presentation or photo editing software, drop in images of the graphics.  Mocking up the installation on paper is especially helpful when you are designing in three dimensions instead of just two. Your visual plan makes it easier to see how floor and wall graphics work together to create a stunning environment. Here are a few of our pro tips to planning for your wall decor:

  • Carefully measure length and heights. Consider adding another half an inch or so to your measurements so you’re sure you will have enough paper to cover the entire surface.
  • Don’t forget the wall fixtures. You don’t want to end up covering an electrical outlet or light switch during the process or having it cover your design.
  • Account for counters or other furniture obstructions. Make sure you consider where pieces of furniture will be in the room. You want to avoid having counters or large displays block important parts of your wall decor.
  • Walls, floors, and more. Consider that you don’t have to simply put your application on your floor or wall anymore. With various graphics media it is now easily possible to apply your wall decor on spaces like doors, windows, counters, or even water features like fountains and pools!

5 Wall Decor Ideas To Update Your Business 3

Wall decor offers infinite possibilities for the business owner. Graphics create exciting work environments and can also convey important messages. Consider the creativity of our client, National Marker Corporation in North Smithfield, Rhode Island. They are a manufacturer and printer of safety identification. Customers and suppliers visit the offices often, so National Marker set out to create a “wow factor” in the office through eye-catching cubicle walls and floor spaces that are themed for their customers’ business. All four production artists on staff at the company collaborated on the project and derived ideas from the company’s key market segments and best-selling sign products.  Themes included fire safety, oil and gas production, laboratories, and traffic and road safety.  The resulting murals are nothing short of amazing!

5 Wall Decor Ideas To Update Your Business 4

“We used TexWalk® with digital printing and solvent ink to create panels for the cubicle walls,” said Meghan Arnold, Product Design Manager at National Marker.  “We chose TexWalk® specifically because it’s designed for soft substrates like fabric and because it has a removable adhesive.”  The installation covered a large area, but was easy to complete. “We only vacuumed the carpet before installing, nothing more.  The material is easy to work with.  After we put up the first piece, we were able to do the installation very quickly,” Arnold said.

Where can wall decor take your business? Contact our team at Jessup to discuss your idea!

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