What is the Role of OSHA in Business?

safety firstThough many industrial workers and businesses probably do not have the most favorable things to say about the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, also known as OSHA, this regulatory agency performs a much needed, though not well liked function. OSHA mandates certain rules, regulations, and guidelines that serve to protect workers in the workplace, and can enforce these rules through the use of fines and penalties leveled against industrial companies. Contrary to popular opinion, OSHA does not create these strict rules and regulations because it gives the agency the right to unjustly attack industrial businesses and organizations and fine them as it sees fit. This sentiment is incorrect and unfair. The reason why some industrial organizations feel that OSHA is too strict is because they likely have not dealt with a serious injury, or even worse, death, while on a work site. OSHA’s rules and regulations are strict because OSHA employees have been privy to the consequences of industrial businesses ignoring or not following rules and guidelines. The result of ignored safety rules on a work site include serious injuries, and in some instances, death. Injuries and death on a work site bring about poor morale, stoppage in labor and work, and months, possibly even years, of litigation and lawsuits that lead to losses of potentially millions of dollars for an industrial business.

OSHA’s top priority is to ensure the health and safety of all workers on a jobsite. OSHA set forth guidelines that maximize safety standards and protocol to the highest degree, which effectively minimizes accidents on a jobsite. OSHA makes sure that general contractors provide a completely safe work environment for its employees at all times, or else subject themselves to levied fines and penalties. Because numerous regulations are involved, and often amended, OSHA welcomes and even encourages industrial companies to contact them, should there be any questions, concerns, or observations regarding OSHA rules and guidelines as it pertains to a worksite. OSHA representatives will provide more detail and explanation on the set regulations so that any confusion and misinterpretation concerning any OSHA policies and standards are neutralized, and everything is clarified. Employees are also welcome to contact OSHA to better understand their rights while working at a jobsite.

An additional option for both industrial employees and employers is to contact a business involved in industry, and has profound knowledge of OSHA rules and regulations, helping to clarify any misunderstandings concerning OSHA policies. GloBrite Systems is an excellent resource for more knowledge about OSHA’s role in business. GloBrite knows OSHA’s policies as it pertains to business, and can explain how OSHA could affect how your business conducts itself. GloBrite has been a great resource for knowledge concerning OSHA standards, and can help your business sustain compliance while on a worksite.

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