Meeting OSHA’s Safety Lighting Requirements

osha compliantBuilding owners should have a firm grasp concerning the proper installation of safety lighting, and the requirements imposed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also known as OSHA. When preparing to install safety lighting in your building, keep in mind that there is a correct manner in which to do so that is mandated by OSHA directives. This blog should serve as a way to observe and recall all of the details regarding the installation of safety lighting, safety lighting protocol, along with any and all requirements related to safety lighting mandates.

A commission created by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration controls the standards for safety lighting. OSHA requires exits routes to be well lit, and, in the event of a power failure, emergency lighting must provide continued illumination for a minimum of ninety minutes, when normal lighting has been discontinued. Ninety minutes is the equivalent to an hour and a half of continued, sustainable emergency safety lighting. In addition, the safety lighting within a structure must be arranged in such a way as to provide initial illumination of no less than an average of one-foot candle, and a minimum at any point of one-tenth of a foot-candle measured along the path of egress at floor level. These levels are allowed to decline to a minimum of six-tenths of a foot-candle average, and six-hundredths of a foot-candle at any one point at the end of the mandated ninety-minute emergency lighting time. Moreover, the maximum illumination at any one point in the building can be no more than forty times the minimum illumination at any one point in the building, as this works to prevent excessively bright and dark spots, especially in adjoining rooms. The safety lighting system installed in a structure must be arranged in such a manner as to provide automatic illumination in the event of any reason or condition for the interruption of normal, or regular lighting.

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