How does OSHA Affect your new Business?

safety firstBeginning a new business is difficult. OSHA helps owners of new businesses by explaining federal regulations regarding safety and health requirements that enables a safe workplace that conforms to federal law. OSHA mandates that employers for new businesses provide a work environment free from recognized hazards that could result in serious physical harm to employees. New businesses must comply with OSHA standards and regulations. OSHA requires that new businesses maintain records of occupational injuries and illnesses as they. Some restrictions and leniencies apply. New businesses need also keep in mind to display the Safe and Healthful Workplaces poster, presented by OSHA, in a viewable area in your workplace where everyone can see it. The poster informs employees of their rights and responsibilities.

One of the main, and most important functions of OSHA is the organization mandates that employers inform workers concerning the dangers of chemical hazards, if such chemicals are being used in the workplaces, and train employees on the proper safety standards. This includes providing detailed information on all the risks associated with coming in close proximity to, or touching the chemical compound. Moreover, if your new business falls under the jurisdiction of a state agency that administers an OSHA approved safety and health plan, then you must comply with federal workplace safety and health standards. Every establishment covered by an OSHA approved safety and health plan are subject to inspection by federal and / or state compliance safety and health officers. An OSHA approved inspector will conduct inspections of new business workplaces within federal jurisdiction.

The OSHA organization prides itself on being very helpful with providing any needed information for new businesses. OSHA staff members will offer advice, instruction, education, and any needed assistance to new businesses, especially small businesses, that request support regarding occupational safety and health inquiries. The OSHA agency offers the following services:

Consultation: New businesses that need assistance with identifying, understanding, and correcting hazards and to improve workplace safety and health programs can receive help from a free and confidential consultation service provided by OSHA.

Instruction: OSHA offers training courses for new businesses on safety requirements and health conditions related to the work environment.

Publications: New businesses can find various publications online on the OSHA website, many of which will help both small and new businesses comply with OSHA requirements.

Partnership: OSHA is willing to enter into an extended, voluntary, and cooperative relationship with groups of employers and employees from both small and new businesses, even larger and more developed businesses, to boost recognition and help encourage efforts to eliminate serious hazards in the workplace, and achieve an optimal level of worker safety and health.

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