Types of Industrial Safety Tape

JessupTapeAmong some other uses, including alerting people and drawing their attention toward a potential danger or threat that is in close proximity, industrial safety tape is used to hold materials together. No matter the type of application, industrial safety tapes offer quality, value, and performance for both light duty needs, as well as heavy duty performance work. Industrial safety tapes must be counted to protect people from imminent danger; otherwise, serious ill-fated scenarios could leas to terrible consequences. It is important to ensure that, if you are an industrial business in need of industrial safety tape, that the best quality standard is implemented within your setting, as utilizing inferior industrial safety tape products could lead to disaster.

Below provides a brief list of some of the types of industrial safety tapes companies will use, depending on the need, relied on to execute its intention:

Flat Back Tape — This type of safety tape is designed and created for a variety of packaging, splicing, and tabbing applications – similar to masking tape, but stronger and more able to handle heavier materials. Flat Back Tape provides quite a tight and compact seal that is unlikely to break, even if placed under consistently heavy pressure. Moreover, Flat Back Tape can be relied on to maintain its durable adhesive nature even under a range of temperature and humidity conditions, whether it be cold or hot climate.

Masking Tape — This type of safety tape is designed for a variety of applications, including providing enough adhesive strength to hold lighter materials together or in place, splicing and bundling wires and / or cords, packaging light or moderately weighted equipment and products, as well as some other light duty demands.

Double Coated Tape — Double Coated Tape features an extremely aggressive tack and is ideal for many industrial and safety applications, including the mounting, adhering, and bonding of industrial products. Double Coated Tape is unlike most other industrial safety tapes because it offers an uncanny application involving the need for situations long lasting bonding is mandatory for correct duty fulfillment.

Duct Tape — Also known as cloth tape and often confused as “duck tape,” duct tape is one of the more popular industrial safety tapes that is used for the most demanding requirements and industry standards. Duct Tape is designed for high-grade raw materials, and is considered the highest quality and most reliable safety tape by almost all industrial businesses.

Foil Tape — Aluminum Foil Tapes have a specialized application because it is specifically engineered to become a pressure-sensitive adhesive that can be depended on to provide superior bonding when exposed to either sub-zero or elevated temperatures. One feature that separates this industrial safety tape from the others is its ultraviolet resistant foil backing, which is helpful when placed in locations that deal with extreme heat due to its flame retardant properties. In addition, Foil Tape is so flexible that it will resist cracking around curved and other types of irregular surfaces.

Along with those listed above, Jesssup manufactures many type of non slip grip tapes to maintain safety in workplace areas, restrooms and bathrooms. Please contact our representatives to find the best tape for your business needs.

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