Traction Treads Generate a Safer Transportation Environment

The transportation industry covers a broad range of areas from public transit systems to company based package delivery services. Each mode of transportation has a high risk of falling injuries due to tracking during bad weather and the condition of shoe soles. Three specific hazards for injury are present as people maneuver in and off of a bus, truck, or subway car. A person must travel up or down a set of stairs, maneuver through a corridor to seating, and use ramps in some scenarios. The shoes of individuals vary and outside weather conditions such as snow drastically decrease traction in these areas. Workers in the field of package delivery carrying heavy items on stairs or while ascending ramps have a particularly high risk of falling. Traction products are designed to supply a gripping surface in areas where the likelihood of a person losing their footing is great. This easy to apply solution does not entail an extensive installation cost and provides the traction necessary to prevent the troubles many businesses experience after a dangerous falling incident takes place.

What Are Non-Slip Tapes?

Non-slip tapes are a solution in the transportation industry that is easily overlooked due to their simplicity. These items are designed with a grit-like surface on one side and an adhesive backside to make installation a snap. The gripping surface supplies further traction to individuals with slick soles or weather ridden shoes as they climb stairs or maneuver through an accident prone location. This prevents companies from having to deal with workman’s compensation claims or lawsuits initiated by customers who have experienced a falling injury. Non-slip solutions are purchasable in heavy duty grades, with photoluminescent qualities, and in flexible form to adhere to less common spaces. Their cost is minimal when compared to the result of a person slipping while entering the subway or experiencing a bad fall during product delivery. Jessup MFG anti-slip solutions are customizable to specific client needs in situations where traditional options do not meet space requirements.

How Do Traction Tapes Help Companies?

Traction tapes are an affordable way to supply a heavy duty gripping surface in areas where weather or spills can cause a possible injury. Imagine a person coming home from work with their slick sole shoes as it begins to snow. People have already tracked the snow into various areas of the public mode of transportation being utilized. As this person enters the doors, they lose their footing, slip, and then hit their head on the ground. The service company must now deal with the cost of a bad accident such as a head injury. This scenario is preventable when traction tape has been placed on stairs, ramps, walkways, and other transportation service areas to prevent falls. The same scenario is easily applicable in package or product delivery environments where the worker is constantly tracking across the steps of the vehicle with bulky or heavy packages. Businesses with these types of working or customer environments can avoid costly insurance claims or accident lawsuits by taking only a few minutes to install this beneficial safety product on their transportation devices and in working areas.

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