Using Traction Products to Advance Farm Implement Reliability and Safety

The fruits of hard labor are always rewarding; however, the use of heavy duty equipment brings on many complications. Vehicles, machinery, ladders, and outside weather conditions come together to create a dangerous environment where a serious injury can lead to death. Farm implements such as tractors are particularly dangerous since a loss of footing has the possibility of numerous types of injuries. Individuals operating equipment on their own are at a higher risk for severe harm making important for every safety precaution to be taken. Businesses selling this equipment to individual or farming companies must be aware of how injuries occur and their options for increasing individual welfare. Specific measures can be taken regarding equipment including:

  • Roll-Over Protection Structures
  • Moving Part Guards
  • Safety Awareness Training
  • Proper Use
  • Traction Treads

Manufacturers of farm implements are best to include every possible safety measure as part of their design to prevent harm while operating or maneuvering around produced machinery. Traction tapes are one of the most affordable additions and allow a person to maintain their footing in the most severe weather conditions. They prevent slips while operating a piece of machinery and are a great choice when providing ladders or other types of devices to businesses or individuals in this area of business. By implementing safety measures such as traction tape on footing rails, a company drastically reduces the chance of an injury on their product.

Understanding the Importance of Non-Slip Solutions

Numerous issues can be alleviated by applying a non-slip solution to products or items used in a farming environment. People working on a tractor, combine, or additional forms of heavy duty machinery are at high risk of injury. Imagine a farmer or group of workers that must harvest a crop or perform another duty quickly before it is ruined by outside conditions. Individuals move quickly and assume no harm due to their familiarity with the operated device, but then get hit with the unexpected as a loss of footing or wrong move results in disaster.  For companies hiring workers in this field, this means increased insurance costs, workman’s compensation claims, and the possibility of a lawsuit. The buyer in turn may decide to purchase their machinery from another manufacturer thus causing the reputation and profits of a product provider to dwindle.

An accident has a domino effect that most businesses would rather avoid altogether and non-slip solutions are a good option in any location where a slip or fall is possible. Farming environments have a risk for far more serious injuries than a simple fall down stairs in a commercial building. Operated farm implements often have consistently moving parts where one wrong move could result in the loss of a limb or accidental death. It is important for manufacturers of these products to include every possible precaution and equally imperative for companies hiring individuals in this area to do the same. Non-slip solutions are one of the simplest methods for increasing product or work environment safety. They offer the necessary gripping surface to carefully operate equipment and provide a simple solution in any area where additional traction may be necessary to prevent a fall.

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