The Benefits of Slip Resistant Adhesives

SafetyTapeIf you can, imagine a scenario that pits thousands of people in a large building, several stories high, and, for whatever hypothetical reason you wish to place as the reason, those people must evacuate the building immediately because the presence of danger is real. The first aspect you will likely think of when imagining countless people fleeing a building due to the imminent presence of danger is the panic and mass chaos that will ensue. When a building is occupied by thousands of people, sometimes tens of thousands of people, and all of them are trying to escape the threat of danger at once; you can bet that many accidents will occur. Likely, especially if people are using the stairwell to evacuate, the majority of accidents will involve slips and falls. One trip, slip, or fall can be disastrous, as it can cause a domino effect, thus making other people accidentally fall, which could consequently result in serious injuries and delays in escape – both of which could result in death.

Although this type of scenario seldom happens, when it does, the consequences can be dire. To assure optimized protection in the event that people need to quickly evacuate from a location, and numerous people must negotiate traveling down a stairwell to reach ground level, possibly all at once, a building should be outfitted with slip resistant adhesives. The benefits of slip resistant adhesives include the minimization of slips, trips, and falls when a mass collection of people, while rapidly trying to travel through confined areas, are evacuating from a premises. Slip resistant adhesives are an inexpensive way to maximize safety protocol measures when trying to move a mass of people to safety. Slip resistant adhesives are quite easy to install as well, make for a quick and simple placement method.

Benefits of slip resistant adhesives are not only confined to emergency evacuations. These non-slip tapes reduce slips and falls stemming from an accumulation of condensation on the floor that can be related to weather or internal humidity, or from any liquid producing scenario. As trite as it might seem, the majority of lawsuits against businesses and building owners come from people who have accidentally fallen inside a building. Those experiencing serious accidents believe the building’s owner should be held liable because measures should have been in place to warn occupants of an increased likelihood of a slip or fall around certain areas of the building where the floor could be wet or is being cleaned.

Contacting Jessup Manufacturing will provide you a representative of the fifty-year-old company that can further explain the myriad benefits of slip resistant adhesives. Jessup supplies slip resistant adhesives, and one of their professionals can help you install the safety product throughout the entire building, subsequently placing your building’s occupants out of harm’s way in the event something ominous should occur within the building.

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