Simple Anti-Slip Traction Tapes Help Prevent Workplace Hazards

A company’s ability to prevent workplace accidents is important because it reduces experienced financial losses among other issues. Harmed individuals often receive workers compensation payouts, insurance benefits, sick days, and cash settlements. Each incident is capable of costing a company thousands of dollars in addition to issues such as loss of production. Businesses also take the risk of being fined when unsafe facility conditions are found to be the cause of an injury. Precautionary steps can be taken to protect companies from significant financial losses and the aftermath of a slip related incident. A company is capable of supplying a better work environment and preventing serious falls by putting the appropriate safety measures in place. Anti-slip tapes can be used to eliminate workplace hazards by supplying further support to areas with a high risk of falling injuries.

How Do Anti-Slip Products Improve Facility Safety?

Traction tapes increase the supplied gripping capability between a surface and an individual’s shoes. An adhesive backside allows these products to be applied to almost any surface. Tapes have an abrasive grit-like surface consisting of either aluminum oxide or silicon carbide that boosts traction between the floor and an individual’s shoes. Anti-slip products fulfill a variety of workplace safety needs ranging from industrial environments to the traditional office. Injuries resulting from falls are one of the leading causes of on-the-job accidents and it takes only minutes to install anti-slip traction tapes for an improved walking surface. By incorporating an additional gripping surface, individuals are better able to maintain footing on slick floors, while walking up or down stairs, and during equipment operation. Floor cleaning products, traction mats, and company training serve as additional options for creating a safe employee atmosphere.

What Locations Serve As Prime Anti-Slip Tape Installation Candidates?

Anti-slip tapes are one of the simplest solutions for increasing workplace safety and several grades are available to match the specific needs of an area. Available products for businesses range from commercial to industrial purposes. Photoluminescent treads are a great implementation option on stairwells and along egress corridors to prevent serious injuries resulting from panicked individuals or lack of vision. These treads provide a green glow that is visible at times when lighting is reduced or not available to aid employees in exiting the structure during an emergency. Commercial grades are an excellent choice for any location where spills, weather, or slick shoes could cause an individual to lose their footing. Industrial grades work well for manufacturing or construction environments and aid in the prevention of debilitating accidents involving machinery. The most common locations for anti-slip traction tape installation include:

  • Stairwells
  • Equipment Stations
  • Equipment Footing Rails
  • Bathroom Facilities
  • Kitchen Areas
  • Break Rooms
  • Loading Ramps
  • Around Machinery
  • Maintenance Locations
  • Building Entrances

While not every accident is one-hundred percent avoidable, companies today have numerous options for creating a safe, slip-resistant environment where employees are able to complete their tasks with minimal risk. These products are an ideal safety addition in wet or dry work environments. Companies desiring an easy to implement accident reduction option have anti-slip traction tapes as a cost effective approach for preventing serious on-the-job injuries.

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