Safety Tips for Lodging and Multi-Housing Using Non-Slip Tapes

Companies in the lodging or multi-housing industries must put several precautionary measures in place to prevent accidents. Creating an atmosphere where individuals are able to walk safely between locations is one of the biggest challenges of these industries. A falling incident can result in a costly insurance claim or lawsuit and several options are available to reduce the chance of these injuries in a facility. It is much easier to prevent an accident than to deal with the aftermath of a serious fall. Lodging businesses have the option of placing non-slip tapes in these accident prone areas to prevent a falling injury:

  • Bathtubs
  • Showers
  • Kitchens
  • Stairs
  • Lobbies
  • Entrances

Individuals residing in a lodging or multi-housing facility are often of varying ages and health. Imagine the scenario of kids chasing each other in the lobby and a senior citizen making their way in on a rainy day. In a split second, someone can slip at the entrance due to the type of shoes they are wearing or the currently transpiring events and suffer severe harm. Kids are especially prone to accidents as they lose their footing or trip over objects. Any area where a person can lose their balance or have their feet swept out from underneath them is a perfect candidate for non-slip tapes.

Traction Tapes Are a Dependable, Easy to Implement Choice

Among the available anti-slip solutions, traction tapes provide a reliable, simple to install, and durable option. Non-slip treads come in a variety of sizes and grades thus making them ideal for any area. Whether it be a bathtub, kitchen, or general facility location, traction tapes offer an affordable option for counteracting these situations. Entrances, stairs, bathrooms, ramps, and dining areas should be evaluated first since they are high risk locations for spills or slick surfaces. Non-slip tapes can be combined with signing or training courses to create a safe environment for guests or occupants.

The composite used to create the tapes gritty surface does not wear down as with alternative anti-slip solutions. Employees do not have to perform extensive maintenance tasks to keep each tread in shape. Floor cleaning solutions, while effective, are costly and have to be used consistently. Traction tapes supply a simple to install solution that does not require a great amount of continual care. The aluminum oxide or silicon carbide surface is designed to supply extra support in wet conditions and offers beneficial traction at times when individuals are carrying heavy items.

What advantages do lodging or multi-housing facilities receive by incorporating non-slip tapes as part of their safety repertoire? The flooring used in lobby facilities is hazardous to individuals who have mobility problems, are wearing slick shoes, or anyone carrying heavy objects. Floors becomes increasingly dangerous as water or snow is brought in from outside. Laundry rooms, dining areas, bathrooms, and exercise facilities are frequently prone to accidents as spills occur. Anti-slip treads can be placed in any of these locations with minimal effort to reduce the chance of a fall and increase individual safety. Companies can also use the implementation of traction tapes to promote guest safety as a facility feature.

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