Safety Product Manufacturers Make Buildings Safer with Products like Anti Slip Tread Tapes

Building safety is an important concern for anyone owning a structure and certain products have been designed to help ensure occupants do not suffer a serious injury. Inattention to surroundings is one of the largest causes of accidents within or outside of a structure. An individual can easily be sidetracked by something occurring in their personal life, become off balance while carrying an object, or slip due to an unnoticed spill. These types of accidents often result in serious falls where the injuries are severe and costly. Anti slip tread tapes are a unique safety product designed to supply further traction on stairs or in alternative locations where an incident is more likely to occur. They consist of a grit-like surface with an adhesive backside for easy installation and are available in multiple grades. Local building codes require certain safety items such as egress aids to better protect individuals within a structure; however, owners can do much more at a minimal cost to avoid the aftermath of a dangerous fall.

Why Use Anti Slip Tread Tapes?

Falls due to tripping over an object or slipping on an unnoticed spill are extremely common and one of the leading causes of general accidents in numerous industries. The percentage of accidental deaths caused by this type of incident actually falls right behind the number caused by motor vehicles. They also make up approximately a quarter of the injuries reported by companies each year. These accidents occur when an individual experiences loss of traction while maneuvering through stairwells, using ladders, working around equipment, or coming upon an unnoticed spill. The most frequent contributors to a slip and fall include:

  • Polished or Newly Waxed Flooring
  • Water or Grease Spills
  • Shoes with Slick Soles
  • Weather Hazards
  • Non-skid Resistant Ramps or Stairways
  • Unmaintained Walkways or Stairs
  • Transitions Between Floor Types

Anti slip tread tapes provide the traction necessary to reduce the chance of an accident and offer an easy to install solution that does not cost a fortune to purchase or maintain. The adhesive backside makes installation a snap and tapes remain in place with a small amount of care for years. As an individual travels through the area, their shoes are capable of having the required traction for avoiding a nasty fall.

The cost of choosing to install anti slip tread tapes is far less than the aftermath of a serious fall. Manufacturers of these products offer a variety of grades to choose from in addition to several colors and treads with photoluminescent qualities. Tapes may be selected based on the industry, location, or specific needs of an area within a structure. Owners can install photoluminescent tape along stairwells, ramps, or other defined egress locations to further support evacuation routes and prevent injury. Anti slip tread tapes make a great choice on the step rails of construction equipment or in company loading dock areas. They are also a winning implementation for counteracting ice or snow in areas outside of a structure. Product manufacturers work hard to provide the most dependable safety items on the market and anti slip tread tapes are essential for avoiding the typical accidents caused by slipping or falling.

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