Practical Applications for Non Slip Tapes in Commercial Buildings

Non slip tapes are an important safety item in commercial environments because they provide extra protection to areas where sliding is possible. Industrial buildings, retail facilities, offices, and additional atmospheres can greatly benefit from the application of this simple precaution. The uses for these products extend to multiple portions of a building with stairs, loading docks, equipment, ramps, pools, and decks being quite common. Products can be applied within a structure or for outside purposes with these being a few available options:

  • Hazard
  • Flexible
  • Black or Colored
  • Photoluminescent
  • General Use
  • Medium Coarseness
  • Industrial Strength

Slip and fall accidents are one of the most frequently experienced in a work or retail setting. Non slip tape reduces the risk of an injury in less than desirable conditions. They are designed to counteract the effect of a slippery surface and in some cases have photoluminescent properties to assist with emergency situations.

Extra Traction Materials Offer Widespread Usage Options

The application purpose is the most pertinent selection factor when choosing this type of safety item for your building. Adhesive tapes are used to provide traction throughout dangerous sections of a building or outside location. You can apply this product to:

  • Outline Steps in Stairwells
  • Reflect or Illuminate Dangerous Locations
  • Increase Safety On Slippery Floors
  • Add Traction to Steps on Equipment
  • Outline Manufacturing Device Work Areas
  • Boost Traction on Walking Ramps
  • Counteract Kitchen Spills
  • Prevent Falls in Showers or Bathtubs

Non slip tape application can be widespread depending on the nature of your building and the areas prone to becoming slippery. The combination of a smooth shoe and a wet surface can be extremely dangerous in countless environments. Individuals carrying heavy items can easily lose their balance and suffer a debilitating injury. Harm caused by these types of falls often results in expensive lawsuits, insurance claims, and additional complications. These tapes improve safety by making it possible to add a rough surface to a slick floor. Shoe soles are able to grip the surface due to an abrasive coating typically made from silicon carbide or aluminum oxide grit. A surface is slip resistant as long as grit remains on the applied area.

Tapes come in different grades with colored forms meeting certain code compliant requirements in commercial structures. Photoluminescent versions can be used on stairs, landing areas, and risky portions of a structure to promote egress safety. Hazard tape forms are an additional option when visual indicators such as “CAUTION” are an important part of your safety plan. It is important to remove old tape before completing a new installation and to choose a product designed to meet exact needs. Flexible designs are a great choice for bathing spaces, but can be purchased for many types of inside or outside uses because this option has the ability to conform to various types of surfaces. Begin by evaluating the space or item to be taped and the possible conditions that could cause an individual harm. For the best results, follow all installation instructions provided with the chosen non slip tape. This will ensure you receive the proper functionality necessary for improved safety throughout your building.

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