Non-Slip Solutions Are a Great Addition to Heavy Construction Equipment

Areas where large equipment is operated have significant safety risks that can lead to serious injury. Laying ground rules for working on or around machinery creates a good foundation for a less dangerous workplace; however, a few items are capable of drastically reducing the chance of injury in these environments. Keeping individuals from harm is important to both the company performing construction work and the equipment manufacturer. The aftermath of a severe fall often leads to quite a few expenses for the employing company and can be a devastating event for a manufacturer. An accident on the job is not typically caused by one item, but instead a combination of contributing factors including equipment condition, the construction site, and personal articles such as shoes. Hazards on site among other contributors must be kept at a minimum to ensure the utmost safety in a construction environment.

A Simple Way to Prevent Falling Accidents

Any place where heavy construction equipment is present can be considered as a dangerous or accident-prone site. Falls in all work areas, electrical incidents, and machinery operation mishaps have been defined as the most hazardous by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA).  A slip or falling incident is possible on or around machinery, in stairways, on ladders, and standstill items such as scaffolds. A fall not only poses serious injury to the individual, but also increases costs in every direction. An individual is capable of falling while climbing on a piece of machinery or during operation and a mishap creates a chain effect that leaves many people hurt. Companies employing individuals to operate this equipment rely on its design to be geared toward creating a better environment for their workers. Certain precautions like checking the machinery before use, creating a buddy system, and following equipment specifications make a big difference; however, simple steps are sometimes forgotten. Traction tapes are a cost effective option for further reducing injuries while working on or around this type of equipment.

Traction Tapes Improve Product Value & Safety

Checking spaces before moving loads, verifying blind spots, and following operating manual specifications are common practice on site. Individuals operating heavy construction equipment will have a better chance of remaining safe if they are provided with the right working environment. Traction tapes supply an additional gripping surface in areas or on portions of machinery where a slip is possible. Construction sites are exposed to all weather elements and this increases the chance of a fall. Gripping products are an option for manufacturers desiring to improve their merchandise. They also help construction companies supply a less dangerous footing surface to employees. Placing them on the footing rails, in standup operating locations, and on stairs or ladders aids an individual in keeping their footing. Tapes are a simple addition for increased product appeal or improving on-site safety. Any company can add a reliable gripping surface to equipment or tools used on-site at a minimal cost. This small action will save lives, prevent injury, and increase the value of any product sold in this area of work.

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