Practical Uses of Non-Slip Films and Tapes in Hospitals

Non-slip films and tapes are an essential safety component in hectic hospital environments where the handling of various substances or types of equipment occurs frequently. These items provide additional traction in locations where slick surfaces exist. Hospitals atmospheres consisting of naturally slick floors combine badly with the wrong soles or an unnoticed spill. Tapes offered by traction product suppliers can be applied in any desired area and provide an affordable option for delivering the traction an area needs to prevent costly accidents. A film can be applied to any object within a facility to add a gripping quality for increased safety. Inpatient falls are one of most frequent causes of injury within this environment. Hospitals must also be concerned about visitors and staff members maneuvering through their building each hour of the day. Non-slip films or tapes provide the easiest method for battling possibility of an accident in medical environments. The installation of traction products takes only a few minutes and provides abundant safety benefits to any high risk location within a building.

What Factors Create a High Risk of Injury In Hospital Atmospheres?

The addition of sedatives or medicines given to treated individuals fosters a risky atmosphere for falls as patients lose their balancing abilities. Studies have shown that approximately thirty percent of fall occurrences in these facilities result in a serious injury. Every hospital must meet specific safety requirements regarding fall prevention to provide the utmost safety. Additions such as non-slip tape support these implemented measures without drastically increasing compliance expenses. Medical facilities must stay with patients as they are transferred, be aware of given medications, and keep certain environmental factors well-maintained. Environmental elements include:

  • Lighting
  • Side Rails
  • Walkways
  • Stairs
  • Nursing Stations
  • Maintenance Locations

Equipment blocking or residing in the middle of walkways has a high risk of injury during normal building conditions or in emergency situations. Every medical facility must have designated resting placed for these items to prevent further obstacles in an already busy atmosphere. Poor lighting, improperly cared for stairwells, and work areas all require appropriate maintenance. Non-slip films and tapes supply an additional protection measure in locations where the risk of a fall is high.

What Areas Are An Applicable Starting Point?

Individuals in charge of hospital facilities have various application options when it comes to these products including:

  • Around Permanent Bed Locations
  • To Outline Possible Walkway Obstacles
  • At the Edge of Stairs
  • On Handrails
  • In Frequent Equipment Moving Locations
  • As a Tray Gripping Mechanism
  • Down Inclined Hallways
  • Throughout Nursing Stations
  • In Maintenance Areas

A quick look around a facility can easily assist with pinpointing the most accident prone areas. Kitchens, break rooms, maintenance closet or room entrances, and bathrooms are further spaces to assess when considering traction products. The cost of this implementation is minimal when compared to the aftermath of an injury due to falling. Non-slip films and tapes provide an affordable method for adding traction to any area within a building. They are a cost effective approach to making locations safer and protecting everyone who enters or exits a hospital.

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