Non-Skid Tape Creates Resistance and Promotes Safety

Non-skid tapes are a form of adhesive traction products designed to provide slip resistance on countless types of surfaces. Applying this safety product to areas within a commercial building or manufacturing facility supplies further resistance to counteract accident prone locations. Tape of this nature is required by law in certain geographical locations and left as an option to building owners in other scenarios. Regardless of the legal aspects of application, non-skid tapes protect companies from expensive incidents where employees or visitors become injured due to a fall. Traction materials are applicable in these traffic areas to provide increased resistance:

  • Stairwells
  • Hand Rails
  • Around Equipment
  • On Vehicle Foot Rails
  • Bathrooms
  • Ramps
  • Loading Areas
  • Kitchen Facilities

A commercial structure requires these materials in the above locations to provide a safe environment for both workers and individuals maneuvering through the building. Factory atmospheres have a high risk of injury due to the various types of equipment in operation. Maintenance workers are capable of spilling grease, oil, or cleaning materials in locations where a fall is unavoidable without non-skid materials in place. Workers carrying heavy items with smooth shoes can easily lose their balance. Outside weather conditions are capable of increasing the risk of a fall as snow or rain makes ramps and stairs extremely slick. Non-skid tapes offer a low cost solution for improving surface traction to companies desiring to take every measure of prevention.

Manufacturers Offer a Diverse Line of Sizes, Colors, and Styles

Non-skid tape has one side with grit for supplying necessary traction and another with adhesive material for dependable placement. Industrial grade products offer a variety of options for any business or individual desiring to implement this safety measure. While grit is the most popular traction supplying item, countless additional choices are available to consumers. Classic designs are black in color to blend with common application areas; however, colored versions can be purchased to meet specific needs. Colored products are often necessary to meet compliance guidelines and photoluminescent products make a great addition to egress points throughout a commercial or work environment. Self-luminous choices offer the benefit of visibility in situations of low lighting to prevent hazards. Industrial grade non-skid products have extremely tough and durable adhesives. These adhesives work on surfaces such as:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Concrete
  • Flexible Substrates
  • Stone

They remain effective in the most harsh weather conditions long after initial placement.  The grit material has the capability of causing skin abrasions if an individual directly falls on it; however, the aftereffects of such an occurrence are less costly than an accident due to neglecting this measure. Non-skid tape is sold in rolls and can be applied to any location where a fall is possible. Ladder rungs, stairs, decks, ramps, and walkways are beneficial locations within a commercial building or work environment. Additional areas may need to be accommodated depending on the nature of a building or work space. Traction tapes promote safety within or outside of a structure, provide the resistance necessary to prevent falls, and limit injury costs by reducing the likelihood of an accident.

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