Non Skid Safety Tape for Workplace Safety

JessupSafetyTape2The safety of the workplace is a paramount consideration when business owners and executives are implementing safety protocol within the workplace. One of the leading causes of accidents in the workplace involves employees and laborers slipping, skidding, and falling somewhere in the workstation, usually caused by a surface that somehow became slippery. An initial feeling after reading the previous statement might be to think that a casual slip, trip, or fall is probably not that serious. However, on the contrary, something as silly as a slip, trip, or fall could lead to a serious injury, or the injury of others. In addition, and a statistic many people are not aware of, due to the rash of slips, trips, and falls, that happen in workstations on a daily basis, more have lead to serious problems, including some fatalities and slip and fall lawsuits.

The best way to combat this problem is to outfit your workplace with a product that effectively minimizes skids, slips, trips, and falls. The best product to perform this need is non skid safety tape from Jessup Manufacturing. Jessup’s non skid safety tape is made with materials that guarantee to best reduce the amount of accidents in the workplace by creating the necessary traction for footing in areas that incline to be more slippery than others, such as areas that tend to accumulate condensation and liquids. When non skid safety tape is implemented throughout a workstation, the results show that employee accidents are reduced more than any other product used by industrial businesses.

Jessup Manufacturing offers several types of non skid safety tape to improve workplace safety, including commercial grade tapes and treads, as well as coarse heavy duty tapes and treads. Jessup also offers these non skid safety tapes in many different colors – all of which are offered in commercial grade. Jessup’s line of non skid safety tapes for workplace safety have been tested and are proven to be resilient in any type of setting, location, and weather inducing negative effects. In addition, Jessup offers several different types of application, such as heavy duty, commercial grade, resilient mid level and coarse, as well as fine non skid safety tape, depending on where you are placing the product.

Because Jessup offers many different types of non skid safety tape for workplace safety, you might want to reach out to a Jessup professional to find out which product is best applicable for your needs, depending on the type of situation you are encountering. A Jessup professional will be happy to listen to and evaluate your needs, and then recommend the best non skid safety tape for your specific workplace in order to maximize the safety of your employees.

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