Non Skid Product Manufacturers

SafetyTapeIt is likely that you have read or heard about lawsuits involving people who are suing companies and building owners, holding these potential defendants liable for the reason why they slipped and fell in the building or office area owned and operated by the building owner. As much as most of us probably snicker and roll our eyes at the idea of people being able to sue for what many of us believe is their own mistake – slipping and falling due to being clumsy or lackadaisical – the truth of the matter is these people are winning their lawsuits. How so? Well, the plaintiffs are able to make a case stating that the building owners are liable due to negligence, especially when people are hurting themselves by slipping and falling in an area that is slippery. The plaintiffs are subsequently rewarded a handsome settlement at the conclusion of the lawsuit. Hey, if a person can sue a fast food restaurant, holding the restaurant chain liable as the reason the individual burnt himself or herself by drinking hot coffee (true story), you can be sued for anything. It is beneficial to take extra precautions to ensure this never happens to your company.

As it concerns slips and falls in building and office areas, simply invest in slip resistant products, and place these traction inducing materials in places that are more slippery than other areas, such as spots where condensation and liquid accumulate (bathrooms and entryways). A solid and reliable slip resistant product includes grip tape, an almost sandpaper texture material that increases friction, ultimately reducing the chances of someone falling. You are likely familiar with grip tape and might not even know it, as it is the material you see on skateboards where boarders put their feet when performing stunts and movements, improving the likelihood they do not fall off their boards when doing stunts.

This probably sounds fantastic, right? Your next question will be: where can I find these slip resistant products? Fortunately, this is easier than you might think, as Jessup Manufacturing is a slip resistant product manufacturer and creates numerous types of grip tapes that are easily applied to any surface that presents a potential hazard. Jessup manufactures slip resistant products such as grip tape, as well as other safety products and materials used mostly by industrial businesses, along with many other types of businesses. Jessup can provide you all the information you need regarding how they manufacture their slip resistant products, and how to install it in your building, office or workplace.

Delaying the implementation of slip resistant products in your location only increases the risk of someone slipping and falling, and consequently holding you accountable as to why he or she became injured. It is not difficult to find slip resistant product manufacturers; and if you decide to speak with a representative from Jessup Manufacturing, he or she will assist you with the provisioning of Jessup’s grip tape, which is their version of a slip resistant product.

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