Marine Non Slip Tape: Durability is Key for Military Applications

jessup-USS-Mahan-non-slipChoosing a marine non slip tape for military applications takes a little more research. As opposed to the traditional wood deck seen on personal boats, military vessels are typically metal. Decks consisting of metal will contract and expand under certain environmental conditions. Not every marine non slip tape is able to withstand the additional stress and will crack, chip, or delaminate thus resulting in loss of grit. The application environment is naturally harsher, which means an extremely durable tape with exceptional traction is needed.

It is important to choose a product that has been tested against the precise conditions experienced in more rugged atmospheres. The best options for lasting traction have been NAVSEA approved and meet MIL-PRF-24667C Type XI requirements. Jessup 3810 Black Safety Track Military Grade peal and stick tape has been thoroughly tested to ensure these standards are not only met, but also exceeded. The physical properties of this specific marine non slip tape have been tested to ensure peel adhesion to stainless steel, power coated surfaces, and polyethylene. 3810 Black Safety Track Military Grade tapes are able to withstand high or low service temperatures.

Why Is It Important to Use a High Quality Marine Non Slip Tape?
When you evaluate safety tapes for harsh, demanding marine applications, it is essential to know if it will be able to withstand the precise environmental conditions it will be exposed to. For example, if the vessel will be used in an ocean environment, it must be able to last as it is exposed to salt water or other types of minerals. If not, then it will break down and lose traction after minimal exposure to the environment.

Additionally, use of chemicals or gasoline naturally creates a risk of spills on vessels as they are continuously on the go. A marine non slip tape capable of maintaining its initial qualities after exposure to gas, acids, hydroxides, antifreeze, diesel fuel, or other items is equally important. These qualities guarantee that the chosen marine non slip tape is acceptable for extreme conditions. Failing to make the right selection increases the risk of accidents due to:

  • Delamination
  • Loss of Grit
  • Cracking
  • Chips

Delamination occurs when the composite materials used to make the tape fail. The common result from intense stress or impact is layer separation, which results in reduced effectiveness and loss of traction. Another consideration is the size of the particles used to provide traction in a rugged marine environment. Smaller particles will wear faster thus causing replacement costs to be higher and the risk of injury to increase.

Jessup 3810 Safety Track Military Grade marine non slip tape uses extra large particles to provide further resistance. It has been specifically engineered to deliver high performance under extreme outdoor conditions where durability and traction are essential. Our marine non slip tapes have been thoroughly tested for military and marine applications. If you are seeking the best marine non slip tape to ensure crew safety, then our team at Jessup Manufacturing has developed a dependable, long lasting product capable of providing the best results in the toughest environments. Contact us today to learn more.

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