Industrial Safety Products for Wet & Dry Work Environments

The work environment supplied by a company must be safe regardless of the conditions individuals regularly reside in. While it is easier to see the dangers of a wet area within a space, dry locations have an equal risk for workers losing their footing. Industrial safety products are designed to supply additional traction in areas where a fall is possible. The average count of slip related incidents in North America remains around eight million. Of this total accident count, approximately half a million result in hospital care or long term admission to a medical facility. Many individuals suffer debilitating injuries that affect both their ability to perform a job and their personal life. These types of workplace accidents have even resulted in fatality, thus causing concern to arise about the safety of every type of work environment.

What Causes Workers To Slip and Fall?

An industrial environment houses numerous locations where an accident could easily occur. Spills increase the risk of a dangerous slip and the likelihood of a serious injury is higher around equipment or in the presence of slick flooring. These particular items often contribute to a person losing their footing:

  • Ice
  • Water
  • Oil
  • Cleaning Items
  • Slick Floors

Smooth or slick soled shoes intensify the risk of an accident and can be fatal depending on the location of a fall. Additionally, individuals carrying large objects on stairs or ramps are more likely to lose their footing. Companies should consider re-directing traffic if a wet surface is commonly a problem in an area of the building. Extra precaution should be taken at times when outside weather could decrease the gripping ability of one’s shoes or the utilized walking surface. A number of solutions have been created to meet the requirements of wet or dry working environments.

How Can A Company Prevent These Types of Incidents?

A variety of industrial safety products are available to increase both awareness and floor safety within a facility. Training courses involving spill cleanup, general safety, and product use are a great start when desiring to raise awareness of the dangers of a serious fall. All spills should be cleaned up immediately and additional precautions such as slip resistant rugs around equipment or in front of outside entry doors are helpful. Signing should be placed in spill or accident prone areas to warn individuals as they maneuver through the location. Cleaning products with slip resistant qualities may also be used to create a safer surface throughout any facility.

While several safety solutions exist on the market today for facilities, one extremely simple option is frequently overlooked. Anti-slip tapes and treads provide the right amount of grip on any surface without significantly heightening company overhead. These items can be placed on multiple types of surfaces such as stairwells to provide further traction. Traction treads are an applicable solution in countless areas including stairs, around equipment, on ramps, ladders, bathroom facilities, break rooms, and company vehicles. These affordable industrial safety products allow individuals to gain the traction necessary to avoid a dangerous fall without creating a large company investment. Anti-slip tapes have aided countless companies in reducing incident counts and resulting costs.

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