Industrial Coating Specialties – Non Slip Adhesives

jessup-USS-Mahan-non-slipIndustrial facilities and manufacturing plants consist of potential dangers at the worksite, not intentionally; it is the nature of the business. Machinery, heavy and large raw materials and products, the manual labor involved, unforeseen elements, along with sometimes harsh conditions cause work sites to become hazards if workers are not being careful, and if business owners have not properly installed safety precautions throughout the workplace. Unforeseen elements and harsh working conditions were mentioned in the previous sentence as conditions that can cause hazards. Depending on the type of labor performed and the location, weather, as well as factors that can cause a surface to become slick, slippery, or wet can make working conditions even less favorable and work sites more prone to accidents. Focusing on accidents in the workplace, this is a serious issue that many industrial and manufacturing businesses need to consider, as well as building owners.

Accidental slips and falls are one of the most common types of injuries in the workplace. Depending on the severity of the accident, it can lead to an employee missing work for an extended period; meaning less work output is produced. It could also lead to lawsuits, depending on the degree of harm inflicted on the employee, which could cripple a company’s credibility, along with its financial resources. Even worse, an employee could fatally succumb to his or her injuries, consequently leading to dire circumstances for the business or building owner where the fatal accident took place. As horrible as it is to think about fatalities stemming from an accidental slip and fall, couple with the improbability of it happening, fatal accidents occur in the workplace. And, should it ever happen to your place of business or building, the ramifications make it practically impossible from which to recover. However, with the proper installation of safety products throughout your place of business or building, the potential for accidental slips and falls can be effectively minimized.

Non slip adhesives provided by industrial coating specialists are the perfect way to significantly reduce the number of accidental slips and falls at your location. With utmost certainty, based on proof taken from statistical evidence, infinitely fewer accidents will take place at your location with the implementation of non slip adhesives. Non slip adhesives can neutralize areas in your building or work site that are known to become slippery due to inclement weather (torrential rainfall); the presence of fluids, such as cleaning fluids for industrial parts and raw materials; oil, such as the presence of oil at automotive plants and mechanical facilities; and even condensation buildup from air conditioning units, which can happen anywhere. The friction and traction produced by non slip adhesives helps people maintain their footing in any type of slippery condition. Non slip adhesives are so effective with minimizing accidental slips and falls that several industries have adopted its use, even skateboarders, in the form of grip tape.

If you are looking for simple safety improvement ideas for your work environment, please contact a Jessup representative today.

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