Grip Tape Manufacturers: Multiple Uses

If you are a building or business owner, and the concept of using grip tape is new to you, simply ask your son or daughter about grip tape, assuming he or she is an avid skateboarder. If not, just find your local half-pipe and ask any of the “shredders” how important grip tape is to their profession, and how it ultimately keeps them safe and alive so they can flip more “ollies.” Although it might seem that this blog is taking a lighthearted approach to grip tape, the truth is it is vital to the safety of skateboarders, who understand its importance, and it should be vital in your place of business, or your work building. The information found below will explore multiple uses for grip tape, without the mention of the next Tony Hawk’s.

Grip tape on the floor of your workplace:

If you work in an area that uses oils, grease, lubricants, or any type of soapy substances that can be considered slippery, go get some grip tape, now. Odds are that sometimes those slippery substances spill, which could lead to someone slipping on the substance, which could mean that person seriously injured himself or herself, consequently leading to a nasty and costly lawsuit. Grip tape is surprisingly inexpensive and incredibly easy to install, so go get some after you are done reading this blog.

Grip tape on the rails in stairwells:

There is a fire in your building, and people are trying to escape. The masses take the stairwell, and are in a frenzy trying to get all the way to the lobby floor. Panicked, these people try to race down the stairs. The best way to balance themselves is by grabbing onto the rails when speeding down these steps. If they lose their grip, they might fall, and if they fall down the stairs, you can bet that they are likely so severely injured that they cannot get up, and have also taken other around them down and subsequently injured those people in the process. Instead of taking the chance that a scenario such as the one described may or might not happen, get some grip tape to make sure this never happens.

If you want some more information on the multiple uses of grip tape, contact Jessup Manufacturing. Jessup will give you all the valuable information you need, and can supply you with the best quality grip tape on the market.

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