Find Anti Skid Safety Products to Meet Building Safety Standards

Accidents caused by a slip and fall occur more than a million times a year across the globe. While not every incident is serious, many result in extensive medical, legal, and insurance expenses. Floor maintenance, egress identification, handrails, signing, and properly defined procedures reduce the chance of a costly accident. Anti skid safety products are included as part of the defined standards to prevent a serious fall in workplaces or commercial buildings. Implementation of the right precautionary items significantly reduces the chance of a dangerous fall. Tapes offer a simple solution for areas where an individual is easily capable of losing their balance or slipping on a wet surface. They are designed to adhere to a number of surfaces and contain a gritty, sand-paper like exterior for supplying additional traction in accident prone locations. A quality product makes a big difference on stairs, ramps, and in wet areas of a structure.

Evaluating Available Options

It is essential to properly evaluate specific areas of a structure before selecting anti skid safety products. What locations have the highest risk of an accident and how can the hazard be eliminated? In some cases, general repairs will be enough to alleviate the chance of a fall; however,  at other times an aid such as anti skid safety products is imperative to ensuring each person traveling through a location has sufficient gripping capabilities. Keep in mind that the type of application will affect the performance of a selected precautionary aid. Anti skid safety products are a great choice for improving traction along the leading edge of stairs, on ramps, or in loading areas. Reflective or photoluminescent qualities offer additional lines of sight in low light condition, egress locations, and in less obvious hazard areas. It is equally important to check with local building codes to ensure a suitable aid is chosen. Basic tape can be applied in various locations to counteract spills, moisture release, or slick shoes and heavy duty options are available to create increased traction in more dangerous locations.

Choosing the Most Effective Implementation

Anti skid safety products come in a variety of forms making it essential to know each application point within a structure prior to buying. Standard black is most commonly chosen for meeting building codes regarding non-slip aids; however, alternative product choices are capable of better counteracting these incidents in certain environmental conditions. For example, basic tape becomes clogged with snow or mud and results in reduced gripping ability on any surface exposed to outside weather conditions. A coarser yellow tape consisting of a deeper aluminum oxide finish is a good decision in areas where these conditions are typical. Anti skid safety products designed to conform to a surface provide an easier application in instances of a curved or flexible edge. Transparent designs of the right grade provide additional traction without creating a non-attractive surface. Striped hazard tapes, while extremely visible, are the optimal choice for vehicles or critical safety points. It is best to properly evaluate a structure, identify hazard spots, and determine the most appropriate approach before choosing anti skid safety products for increased traction.

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